April 3rd, 2015

  • mszizi

Removal with one finger, tips?

I have been removing my cup with using one finger because I can't squeeze two fingers inside. It's somewhat difficult to remove the cup with just one finger. Usually, I press on the side of the cup (toward the top part, but finger not long enough to reach the rim. Sometime it works just with one try. But, most of the time, the cup just slip away and reseal again. So, I was wondering if anyone knows a good way for removal with just one finger?

Cleaning air holes on Lunette

Hi everyone,

My first time posting here, hoping you can all help me :)

I have had a Lunette cup for a couple of years now. I have never had a problem with cleaning it before but I noticed that the air holes did not get fully cleaned after my last cycle. I was wiping it down with some rubbing alcohol to get ready for the next cycle when I noticed some blood coming off of the holes.

Anyone else experienced this? Is a wipe down with rubbing alcohol enough to disinfect in this case or should I boil it since it was sitting with the dried blood for nearly a month? Any tips to make sure that the air holes get thoroughly cleaned? I usually squish soapy water through them several times but maybe this isn't enough!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!