March 27th, 2015

TMI - Increased fluid production with menstrual cups?

Okay so for starters forgive me if I am posting this in the weirdest place possible. Not only is this my first time posting in the mestrual_cup group, it is my first time using live journal.

I am new to menstrual cups, but since I have sarted using mine I have noticed that I always feel "wet". When I check there is no blood in the discharge, just clear liquid. I fell like my body produced 10xs more fluids after I started using menstrual cups. I keep running to the bathroom because I think I am leaking but no... I am so wet throughout my entire period that I feel like I should wear a panty liner anyway.

Sorry if that was just too much info, but I am wondering if this is normal?

doctor, belle

FDA changes?

Hello everyone!
Sifting through a backlog of emails, I found one from Femininewear dated 3/25 about the April period pack. Off to the side, it said "From April 1st there will be a few changes for customers in the USA. To comply with FDA regulations some of the products that we sell will not be available to customers in the United States. Please keep an eye on your emails for more information nearer the time." April's surprise period pack apparently features a new-to-femininewear cup (brand name not mentioned), except "Unfortunately this brand will not be able to be sold to customers in the USA when it is listed on the website." which makes me a little concerned that the products that'll be restricted to us in the US at least from this site will include (at least some) cups.
Has anyone heard anything on these apparent FDA changes?

Lily cup with average cervix

Hi! I'm new here and new to menstrual cups.

I recently got a lily cup classic size a for my first cup (so pretty), aside from some problems on my first try at insertion I have been using it for my period successfully and with no further issues aside from very mild cramping so I have a few questions.

1) I wasn't aware of cervix placement before I got it and know it's a long cup, and after checking my cervix at about mid cycle it's down to entire middle finger length (unreachable when I'm off my period). My lily still sits very nicely though, it's not poking out and I can't feel it inside me, but I have had some mild sharper cramping. which now I'm assuming is because my cup is pressing against my cervix or maybe has it inside it (I can trace a finger around my cervix as if its grabbable, is this dangly?)

I suffer from horrific cramps normally so it's no issue for me at all, I'm just wondering if aside from my cup possibly having a lesser capacity, is there any health risk for your cup pushing against your cervix or gripping it a little? The pain is very mild and I have absolutely no issues with insertion or removal. It's also not constant. Just want to be safe!
I tend to spot throughout different times of my cycle and I assume my cervix will be up higher then so I think a long cup would be good for that too.

And 2) I'm hoping to get a mirena IUD in the next few months. Does having a cup that presses to my cervix and having a possibly dangly cervix make this a bad idea? I pop open my cup just at the very entrance of my vagina and push it in once it's open and the seal is not at all hard to break upon removal.

Thankyou :)
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Cup too small?

Hi all!

I ordered a small CupLee after experiencing rectal pressure from the Si-Bell. It was better as far as pressure goes and it was easier and more comfortable to remove than the Si-Bell. But it leaks! It's not a heavy leak and I wasn't even entirely sure at first that it was, indeed, leaking. However, I felt a frequent "bubbling" feeling while wearing it, the outside was bloody every time I removed it, and there was some blood on my liner (somewhere between spotting and a light flow). I can also feel that there's a lot of room around the cup when I insert it. Does it sound like my assessment of the cup as too small is accurate?

Note: Aside from the morning after I wore it overnight for the first time, my Si-Bell has never leaked (and I suspect it leaked because it was full).