March 21st, 2015

Luv Ur Body Diameter

I made a post a few weeks back about needing to go to the doctor to have my Diva Cup removed because I couldn't reach it to remove it myself. Someone mentioned checking out the Luv Ur Body cup because of the length. I'm just worried the diameter is going to be too large for me. The Diva Cup fit perfectly aside from the length and I had no issues with it leaking.

Is my worry about the diameter valid or does it not matter that much? Does anyone have experience using both cups and did both work?

Clean my mentrual cup in public.

Ok, so I'm 14 years old and soon I'm going to buy a menstrual cup! I'm very excited about it because it's going to make having my period at school at lot easier to deal with. But there was one things I wasn't really sure about. I've read that when you are in public you should clean it with toilet paper once you've removed it and emptied the contents, but what can you use to clean it? I've heard that you can take a little bit of the cleaner that the companies sells (I'm buying a MeLuna cup) in a little spray bottle and put it in a little pouch and just clean it with that. But I've also heard of some people using baby wipes. I thought that that would be much easier with the baby wipes but then I've also heard that they can be very bad for some people and even course infections. I did however find a type of baby wipes that I could take out in public and use but I don't know if any of the ingredients in it could be harmful to me . Are these ones okay to use or should I use different ones? Or is there any other way I can clean it in public all together?

Residual Slobber or Leak?

(Advanced apologies as I'm doing this from my phone.)At what point would it be more of a leak than residual slobber? Both cups I've tried have a steady light leak no matter how well it's in. I don't mind wearing backup, but if I ever wanted to go swimming I'd be in trouble. It definitely leaks more if it's not in right or needs to be emptied, but I wonder if maybe I'm doing something wrong. I make sure it's fully open around my cervix and not to the side. I have the diva cup size 1 with enlarged air holes and a ruby cup. With how low my cervix sits, could IT be clogging my air holes? Any tips or information would help.

Large soft cup - suggestions please

I have a Skooncup that I love for it's softness. I have a very irritable bladder and having a really soft cup helps me. It was a pain in the butt to insert until I discovered the labial fold but now it's a breeze. However I have some gynae issues and my flow is very heavy, the Skooncups capacity is not as good as I'd like.

I need a cup with good capacity, that is as soft as it can be, long because I have a very high cervix and ideally as wide as possible too. What would you all recommend?