March 19th, 2015

Me Luna is making me crazy!!!

So I thought I had found my perfect cup after struggling with the Lily cup classic- it puts to much pressure inside of me and it just never felt quite comfortable, same with the lily cup compact. So i ordered the Meluna medium classic resistance and after a bit of a struggle with getting it in and popped open it worked!!! I couldn't even feel it, but after an hour it started leaking, It had been filled about 2/3rd of the way after 3 hrs, but it leaked. I could also feel as though I could push it down with my Pelvic floor muscles.Like I could squish it while it was inside. Is this cup to soft or too small? any one else had this problem with a me luna. I have had one child, I purchased the medium since my lily is so big and uncomfortable. I'm wondering if i get a me luna sport medium it would fix it or if maybe I just need a me luna larger cup? Or maybe a different cup?
  • meah1

two questions: (1) how to remove without spilling, (2) extremely horrible blood smell

(1) How do I remove the cup without spilling its contents? I would like to see how much blood I'm really losing. When I pinch/C-fold it to remove, I pinch out a lot of the blood that was inside, which spills into the toilet. I'd prefer to take it out full so I can see exactly how full it is. Based on how much blood is in the toilet, and how much is still in the cup after removal, I would say the cup is full when I remove it- but I can't be sure unless I can remove it without spilling.

(2) This is only my second period with the cup, but so far, every time I remove it, there is this horrible rank smell. It's the blood itself that smells, not the cup; once I wash the cup, it hardly smells at all. I can't even describe how horrid and truly awful this odor is. I retch/dry heave every time, and actually cried once. It smells like a combination of iron supplements and rotting meat. I'm dumping and replacing the cup every 3-4 hours (I have to due to flow) so it isn't that I'm leaving it too long. I don't think it's an infection, and it's definitely not an STD (virgin). It barely smelled when I used pads and tampons, and no smell when not on my period. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance, all.