March 9th, 2015

22 y/o virgin. The cup is too big and I'm too small? UPDATE #2

Hope I put this in the right area!

Before I start I'd like to say that I have read the Virgin's guide to cups, and the other virgin posts on this community but I still feel like I have to ask this question even though it may sound a bit silly.(Especially since I feel like an idiot for asking because as a nurse I know exactly the dimensions of the human body and a cup should be able to fit considering what the vaginal passage is made for) Except theory is so different from practice :( *sigh*

I'm a 22 year old virgin. I recently purchased a Lunette size 1. The cup looks huge, no other way to put it. I can't feel my cervix, I've tried every position probably known to humans and it's no luck. Also I can only fit one finger in and anything bigger than my pinky is not very comfortable going in. Once in I don't feel my finger so much but going in is a different matter. I think my hymen is not the problem. It looks broken and isn't covering anything as far as I can see. I took a mirror and examined myself and I seem big enough to fit two fingers in but I can't.

I know virgins younger than me make these cups work and I really, really want to use a cup. But I guess I need some encouragement.

Can I actually fit a lunette into me? I was thinking about getting a small meluna instead but I'm worried it will be so small it'll get stuck inside me too high up for me to get out. So advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated. please. I'm too overwhelmed by the cup size to see how it will fit.


Thanks all of you for the great advice. I took the plunge and tried to insert my Lunette, it took me three attempts and a cross between the labial fold and the punchdown fold to get it to go in. It stinged a bit going in but once it was up there I couldn't really feel it, maybe a piece of stem out the outlet but it wasn't painful o anything.

What worked for me.

I was pretty tense my first insertion try. So I forced myself to relax. It slipped in a little bit at a time and I reminded myself to breath. The position I used was a back lying position, I tried squatting and sitting but both were too uncomfortable.

I also warmed the cup in hot water before I inserted so it was pliable.

I kept the cup in for about five minutes and walked around with it. Once again I couldn't really feel anything except maybe a slight sensation from the stem poking out. For me the cup opened nicely (on removal I heard a squelch of suction and when I poked a finger up to check the cup appeared to have sealed.

Removal I did in a squatting position and bearing down. It hurt just a tad popping out as it cleared the outlet but no lasting soreness. Interestingly while I could never put two fingers in down there I was able to put a finger in while the cup was inserted to check the fit. I'm surprised but pleased. I assume a cup plus a finger equal two fingers which is progress! Sadly that was just a dry run, but I am so looking forward to the monthly visitor. It's late just when I wanted it most (and it's usually never late) :(

I did notice I had a slight sensation of needing to urinate while the cup was in for the first few minutes, but I think that was related to a tad bit of irritation from my vagina protesting it's first over-sized visitor. The sensation did go away rather quickly. I do think a meluna soft might be good to try out too though...but we'll see.

Update # 2
I wore the cup my entire cycle. It was amazing. I'm a cup convert and eager to proselytize ;) The first day I had some spotting (though that may have been related to my newbie cup placement). The next five days were beautiful. I worked over 12 hour shifts and even managed to change my cup in the work bathroom a few times. I was able to bend, twist, run and be really active without leaking. The days I was home I was so confident in my cup that the last two days I even went commando. My Lunette is beautiful.

One bonus I noticed when I ran that I had no issues with leakage of urine and usually I do have a bit of dribble. Insertion got easier and easier and I can now insert the cup in several different positions. I do plan on getting a meluna medium (I want to try the ring grip and yay colours!). Thanks LJ cup coummunity!