February 25th, 2015

Fleurcup not sealing / popping open

Hi all,

Long-time lurker here. I used and loved a Keeper Moon Cup size B for many years until I had to get rid of it as part of diagnosing repeated yeast infections. (Result: not the menstrual cup, but the condom brand. My vagina apparently hates Durex. The more you know...) Anyway, now that that experiment is over, I decided to get a new cup. Since I have heavy enough flow that I would overtop the Moon Cup in two hours at the start of my periods, I thought I would get a cup with a bit more capacity, and I so I bought a large Fleurcup. Never had children, cervix height varies from period to period, etc.

I never got my Moon Cup to rotate after insertion, but I could tell when it was properly open by running my finger around the outside of it. Same issue with the Fleurcup, except I can't get it to fully open... ever. I am not really sure what the problem is here. I have tried a couple different folds but I end up with the same result - a third of the cup is still indented in at the front. After exploring a little I'm starting to suspect that my pubic bone is keeping it from opening fully, since the indented bit is always in the front, pushing up against the back of my pubic bone. I never had this problem with the Moon Cup. I ignorantly hoped that this was just the way the Fleurcup sits, but the resultant gorefest in my underwear confirmed that the cup definitely isn't sealed properly.

Any recommendations? Is the cup simply too big for me?
  • yeb90

Question About Cup Shape

Hi all,
First, thank you to everyone who helped me choose my first cup. I have used the Si-bell for 2 and a half cycles (the half being five days of weird spotting in place of my period the second month). For the most part, the cup is great and I am 100% happy I took this step.

There's just one thing that's really bothering me. When I have the cup in I feel almost constant rectal pressure. It's not painful, just really annoying. Has anyone had a similar experience? Might the pressure be due to the bell shape of the Si-bell and might a straighter cup be better for me (not sure how else to describe it, but maybe v-shaped)?