February 22nd, 2015


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So I had an embarrassing fail yesterday, and I need to tell someone.
I didn't make sure my cup popped open after I emptied it yesterday morning, and then I got dressed and went out shopping. I felt a bit damp, but I thought it was sweat (I'm Australian, so it's summer here). Got home, and realised I'd had a massive 'leak' that had gone right through my jeans.

Ruby Cup Compared to Diva Cup?

I have searched the web and this forum and I can't seem to find a good, detailed comparison of the Ruby Cup vs. the Diva Cup. I'm thinking I might have more success with a slightly shorter, wider cup, but I can't find many "user experience" type reviews that compare the two. I would love some feedback from people who have used both. (Especially if you also have a dangly/lower cervix.) I'd also settle for a few more reviews of the Ruby Cup.
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Hello, nice to meet everyone.

Hi, I am new to the community. I am a new (kind of) to using cups. Once about 15 years ago I tried an Instead Softcup. It went well until I had an accident and that was the end of that. And there wasn't any forums like this to help me along.
I recently ordered an large EvaCup ($22), I used it on my last period. It was pretty easy-to-use & comfortable. I can't wait to try it again. I've also ordered a yuuki & a cuplee to tryout. The cuplee is only $10. So I figured why not. I've been reading posts for a few weeks and I figured its time to join the community. I suggest if you haven't already, try a menstrual cup. I love it already and can't wait for my next period (how weird is that). Thanks to everyone for the knowledge you share on this forum. I might have never tried a cup again if I wouldn't have read this forum. ;-)

Looking for a soft cup for heavy days

Hello all,

I need help looking for a soft cup. I've narrowed it down to Meluna soft (medium), Bella cup, Si-bell and Lily cup (all small). Can you help me rank the softness or at least tell me the cup that is much softer than a small Lunette or compares to a Sckoon?

I have a dangly cervix on two days of the my five-six day period. On these days I cannot insert my Lunette because it's too firm. My small Sckoon cup can be inserted but my I'm looking for a better cup as the Sckoon does not always want to work for me.

Capacity isn't a huge factor as in the cup just needs to hold a minimum of 20mL (not a the rim). I own a large Si-bell but the diameter, 46mm, does not suit me one bit as the cup placed pressure on my rectum and made emptying problematic. I don't use it anymore.

I'm really interested in the Bella cup but I want to know how soft it is.
How would you compare the softness of a classic Meluna? I've seen Bree from Precious Stars Pads compare the Classic Meluna to a Lunette but I could not tell the difference.

Thank you.

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