February 16th, 2015

Horseriding and RUMPS...

Hi !!
Umm... so I do horseriding and I only just switched to using reusable menstual products (ie I bought a Lunette and some cloth pads).... so I don't really trust my cup yet, and I think the snaps on my pads would be very uncomfortable... wouldn't they hurt?
Does anyone have any suggestions on what can I use, or, if you use pads, what you do so it's comfortable??

Reusing reusable cloth pads ?? :)

Hi!! So it's me again... :)
Umm... let's just say I REALLY want to make my stash bigger but my mom won't let me... I think she is about to go through menopause, so she'll have a hard time and I am thinking about convincing her to use reusable menstrual products... and I thought... wouldn't it be great if after she has gone through menopause, I could reuse her cloth pads??

I'm just not sure if it's hygienic or gross... and how my mom would react... I mean she thinks menstruation is normal, natural (which is true) but she might be grossed out by the idea of me using her menstrual products... and I don't know if I would, either....

I don't know what to do... she was the one who bought my cloth pads, and she only thinks that they are ''weird'' but accepts that it is my choie to use them, which I am thankful for.... but what can I do ??

PS: I can't really make my own pads, I have no fabric (not even -shirts I could reuse) and I live in a country where it is impossible to get good fabric....