February 6th, 2015

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Small cup, long stem vs. long cup, short stem

Hey everyone. A little while ago, I asked for advice about trying a new cup, and I got some good responses that I really appreciated.

I have a more specific question now, though, that I was hoping to get some input on. I'm using the Diva Cup (model 1), and I know that the Diva has a longer body than a lot of cups. The Diva seems to be a very good length for me. I have a somewhat high cervix, and I'm able to fit the entire cup inside me without much trouble. After I use the cup for several hours, I usually find that it's worked its way up far enough that I have to bear down in order to be able to reach the stem or the bottom of the cup well.

I know that a lot of cups, like the Lunette and Sckoon, have shorter bodies but longer stems than the Diva. As such, the overall length is pretty similar. I'm interested in trying another cup, but since most cups are shorter than the Diva, I'm wondering if having to rely more on the stem would make much difference when it comes to removal. I have a little bit of trouble gripping the Diva stem sometimes, but the Diva stem is very short, so I don't know how a longer stem would compare. I generally find the Diva easier to remove once I can grip the bottom, and I don't know if I would be able to do that easily with a shorter cup. But I also know that the Diva suction release holes are notoriously small (I haven't enlarged them), so that could also be a factor.

Does anyone have experience using both longer and shorter cups? If you're not able to easily reach the bottom of your cup, is the stem sufficient to pull it down?

Thanks for the input!

Not sure if I need a shorter or longer cup...

Hi everyone,

My first cup was the Diva 1, and it took me a while to get used to inserting/removing (I don't think I ever really got used to it lol) but the problem was that it was difficult to pop open, and hard to remove because of length - I could easily reach the base, but it took a long time for the seal to break despite enlarging the holes). It would leak, even though it wasn't full. Sometimes I had trouble inserting it. I thought these issues might be due to it being too long and I couldn't get it to pop open causing leakage.

So I got the Lunette small cup, which is way shorter than the Diva and easier to pop open and remove (no troubles reaching the base - even though I trimmed the stem, it's not so short that it rides up so it's unreachable. And the seal breaks way quicker than with the Diva). But now I experience leaking after only a few hours - it fills up rather quickly. Not sure if my flow just got heavier all of a sudden or my cervix is taking up too much room. It leaked a bunch overnight and when I was doing some exercises and movements (e.g. lunges) I felt kind of bubbly/leaky. Some of this might be residual slobber, but not all!

When I remove the Lunette after it's been leaking, I find that it's filled to the 'line' under the Made in Finland text (not the rim), but that a glob of blood kind of comes out beside/around the cup along with it so that makes me think my cervix is filling up too much of the cup.

I'm not sure if this means that I need a shorter or longer cup compared to the Lunette so that my cervix won't take up too much volume so I'll stop leaking?? So that I can wear it more comfortably during the day? With the Diva I would wear it for 12 hours with less leakage.

One more question, when I feel/hear the cup pop open it actually feels flat like it's been deflated initially inside me. Is this normal? I use the punch-down fold if that makes any difference. It's the only way I can get it inside because it's the smallest. I also feel kind of bubbly initially, like I can feel the flow at times and never know if I'm actually leaking for sure, until I check in the bathroom. Does this have to do with the suction/seal not forming correctly?

Any advice would be appreciated, you are all so helpful!

Leaking and sleep

I'm new to this whole Menstrual Cup thing. I bought a Lunette small (27 y/o, baby via C-section and have relatively light flows). I'm on my second cycle with it. It doesn't really leak during the day unless it gets full although I still have normal discharge that is a bit tinged - should this be happening?
My big concern is at night. I leak, and not just a little, my sheets looks like there should be a horse head in there with me. I read somewhere that maybe the cup is un-suctioning while I am laying down. Last night, I was watching a movie (laying down on my side like when I sleep) and I FELT IT UNSUCTION!
I spent $40 on this thing and really thought I was getting the right choice for me. Now I don't know what to do. I don't want to get the large because I'm relatively narrow (I can feel the small and kind of have to take really long showers because I need a break from that odd sensation - and I can't imagine ever saying I LOVE my cup because of this). I could go a bit longer but I'm not sure if that will solve the problem.
Anyone have any ideas? I really want this to work but I can't spend $100 trying out different cups. I suppose I should add that I seem to do well with insertion and everything is suctioned when I put it in.

Lily Cup Compact

This is my first cycle using a cup, after YEARS of interest, about 6 months of researching in earnest, and a few cycles of using Soft Cups. Why did I choose the Lily Cup Compact? Well, I was set to get a Diva Cup and then LilyCup's kickstarter campaign happened. I think I would have contributed to it anyway, had I already purchased a cup.

Because of the high demand, and some problems with shipping, I didn't receive my cup until after my January cycle. I had never been so excited for my period to start though!! Today is the second day of my cycle, and so far it is going amazingly. This is the least messy period I have ever had.

A little background - I am 29, never had kids, sexually active, with a high cervix and heavy, clotty flow. I am usually heavy starting about 8-12 hours after my first spotting until around 48 hours from my first spotting. The heaviness of my flow was the one thing I was concerned about with the compact because it is - in title and essence - compact and small. I have been hyper vigilant about checking because it is my first time using it, and I made the decision to not have any backup. I recently emptied it (this is in the middle of my heaviest time), and it was about 3/4 full after about 5.5 hours.
Impressions (unfortunately without comparisons since this is my first cup):

1) the material is not at all slippery. I have no trouble with grip, and even with my high cervix, I have not had problems with removal because I feel like I can always get a solid grip. Also, because it is smaller, I feel like there is naturally more room in my vagina to get a good hold. It should be noted too, that I have used Soft Cups and use a diaphragm, so I am not shy about getting all up inside myself.

2) the holes are a little small, and it is a little difficult to break the seal using the methods I have read about on this site. The upside, however, is that there isn't overwhelming suction when it is pulled before the seal is broken. I think because the material is so soft. I pinch the base and shimmy it side-to-side, and find this works wonderfully.

3) I think I would prefer a cup with more capacity for regular use, just because of the nature of my flow. Lily Cup says that this cup can be worn for 10 hours for light-medium flows, as opposed to their original that can be worn for 12 hours for medium-heavy.

4) The learning curve on this cup was fairly simple, for me at least. I had a little trouble with insertion on the first try, but none since. On my first try, I felt as if I was wearing a too-low tampon. Once I got over being timid about insertion, I have had no problems and it feels like I am wearing nothing. I thought it was funny I was timid about insertion and eventually snapped out of it. It is MUCH easier than inserting a diaphragm.

Overall, I love it. I love how clean my period feels right now, ESPECIALLY on my heaviest day. I love how much safer and environmentally conscious this option is. After some research, I think I will try out the original Lily Cup, but the compact is definitely going to stay in regular rotation if it keeps performing like this. Also - The compact is ideal as the cup you can always carry around in your purse without it being cumbersome (when folded, it is about 2-2.5 inches in diameter, and about as thick as two iPhones - pictures for scale reference attached). It has enough capacity for short-term use for heavy flow ladies. I look at it as replacing my emergency pad in my purse while keeping a full size cup at home. I would also use it as my light flow cup. I'm in love!image (1)image (2)