February 3rd, 2015

Meluna on Alibaba?

Hi everyone! I was looking up Meluna colors, and a link for them came up on Alibaba.com. It says they are from Germany and the contact is listed as Frank Krueger, which is the name on the German Meluna site as well. I contacted them about price, and I am awaiting their response, because I was curious. Has anyone purchased a Meluna from them? Is it the real company?

Sckoon or what else should I try?

I love the material of the Sckoon and the shape and how it doesn't have rough areas. I hated the texture of the Melunas. Can you suggest other cups that I might like?

The capacity is my major dislike of the Sckoon. I've been using the small Sckoon in the day and large at night. I wish that both of them held more but the large Sckoon is close to the biggest that would fit. I wish they made a medium Sckoon which I could use most of the time and that the large held more by being a tiny bit bigger.

Trimming Stem on Sckoon Cup

I just ordered a few new cups last month and I am trying them out this month. I am using a small Sckoon and I am wondering if anyone else has trimmed the stem ona a Sckoon. I normally have to cut and file all of ny stems, but I'm wondering if the Scookn will be too hard to reach without the stem since it's so small.