January 9th, 2015

cup gets crushed.. help!

I am a first timer cup user. I have a 18 month baby and a high cervix(may be little dangling). I used femmecup lite only for only first 2 days of my cycle (as heard that it is for first timers). I discontinued because of its suction. I felt its rim was firm enough to sit perfectly but the base of the cup is very soft (which cup has firm base but similar firmness on rim as femmecup?) so whenever I slide it in and its pops open(very good) but it makes so strong vacuum that it almost flattens out the cup ; like a football flattens when air is sucked out completely and sealed, it will twist flat one or other way if you try to make it round.
Similar is happening under mine I tried to insert air from corner but as soon as I walk; the air pops out and vacuum returns (may be if base will be firm then it will not flatten out and have some air in it). I feel sucked out from inside, it is not at all comfortable.

Do you also get this much suction with your cup or it is me?

Second thing it does not leak until I have a gush of flood.. with one gush, it fills out and it starts leaking (may be long cup needed). It is very difficult to reach out the base(have to) of cup to break this much strong suction as I have high cervix. I am wondering with long cup also if I will have this strong suction then still I need to reach out the base to break the suction.

I dont want to give up and kinda getting desperate(want good night sleep ...dont want any more messy beds in morning)
But feeling femmecup lite is not correct one but then.. which one?

Please suggest me... I appreciate any.... any kind of help or helping words..

Edit: @tisiphone: Done!! :)

Does anyone with Mirena actually use a cup

So I have my appointment next week to get my Mirena IUD placed, wish me luck! I'll probably play it safe and use pads for the first two cycles, after that I plan to get back to using my cup. But what I realized when I was looking up experiences here, is that almost everyone talking about IUDs has a Paragard (copper IUD). I know that Paragard tends to make periods heavier while Mirena tends to make them lighter, and sometimes they go away completely. So do most of the people with Mirena just have a light enough flow that they don't bother with cups, just use liners for a few days or something? Even if my period does get that light though, I'd probably prefer to keep using my cup because it's more comfortable and convenient. Does anyone find it convenient to use a cup for spotting and irregular bleeding (which I'm likely to get in the first six months)? I'm not really sure what else I'm looking for here, just that I realized I might have been going at this the wrong way. And honestly, I would be kind of bummed out for some reason if my cup became unnecessary. Any personal experiences would be appreciated.