January 2nd, 2015

Inciclo - MissCup rebrand

Hello guys, Happy New Year!

So, I'm from Brazil and since I found very few posts about MissCup, I decided to make my own. I recently heard about menstrual cups and I thought it was a amazing idea. I've always hated pads. Really. Since my very first cycle, it irritates, itches and all those things. So when I started taking swimming classes, I decided to move to tampons, and that ended all my problems with pads. I really like the comfort from tampons but then new problems started to arise like, my vagina felt dry and having to change tampons every 4h ours because of TSS fear... that pissed me off.

And then, magically, I heard about menstrual cups. And thought it was too good to be true haha. To start, I'm 22, no virgin, no child and real comfort with my body and lady parts, so I wasn't afraid to try it. Doing some research, I discovered a little about the brands in market (Diva, Lunette, MeLuna, etc). My research led me to Inciclo online store, the new MissCup. I don't know when MissCup became Inciclo, but well, it has a new name now. Inciclo is a local brand but sells to other countries of South America as far as I know (and worldwide, through the site). In the older posts about MissCup, I read it was 4cm x 5,6cm (B size - small) and 4,3cm x 5,6cm (A size - large) without the steam (I cut mine entire because it pokes a lot) and it still has the same size today. I'm still new to this find-your-cervix thing, but I had no problems with Inciclo being a long cup. In fact, I think it's nice because in 5 days of flow I never had a problem to remove it using kegels and griping the base. It's stiff, to the point it's a little hard to make the half diamond fold (if I let go just a little, it pops out and jumps from my hand). But thanks to this I didn't have any problems to make it pop open using the 7-fold and didn't have any discomfort at all. The capacity is real good too. I have a pretty moderate cycle (always used small to medium tampons) and in the first two days of flow just filled about half cup after 12h of use. Also, I didn't have any leaking problems, except in the first night, when I found more blood in the toilet paper than the little spill that is considered normal. But I think I just didn't put it right because all went good in the second night.

Before buying, I watched some youtube videos and read blog posts about cups, then I found Inciclo facebook page and read the posts and comments. I have to admit that I feel a little sad because of the number of girls and women saying that wound't try it because of digust of their own blood. I saw a lot of them saying it was nasty and disgusting and thought the, despite we're already in 2015, there are still a lot of people in need of information. Thanks I found this community :D

To those who understand Portuguese, here are the online store and Fb page:

And here are some fotos of my own Inciclo:

20150102_080039 20150102_080056 20150102_080114

Thanks again and have a nice year you all!

looking for a new cup

Hi everyone.  Happy new year! I'm trying to find the perfect cup for me but there are so many, so I definitely need your help. I should probably start by telling you that I'm 35, no kids, good pelvic floor (I think). At the moment I'm using a medium-sized soft Meluna cup. I love the softness of this cup because it doesn't hurt my lady parts and once it's inside I can't feel it at all. Unfortunately, maybe because it's so soft, it hardly ever pops open on its own. I've already tried different folds and all the tricks you guys suggest on the forum but nothing seems to work. I always have to get my fingers in there and struggle to get it to open. And maybe this is partially the reason for problem n. 2: the cup leaks!!! I always need to back it up with pads, whick kills the purpose of using a cup in the first place! I'm trying to figure out what's wrong. I think the cup is the right length because my cervix sits pretty low and the cup ends up just underneath it, but I don't think my cervix actually ends up inside it, so it shouldn't take up any space. And the cup leaks even when it's almost empty anyway... I think the cup probably doesn't seal properly,  maybe because it only has 2 airholes. I wouldn't mind more capacity as well, so I should go up a size but I have to be careful about the length. By the way, I don't care about the stem because I cut it off. So, in a nutshell, my new cup should:
-pop open more easily (be stiffer? but not too stiff, I don't want it to be uncomfortable...)
- have more capacity but similar length
- seal more easily (4 airholes? 6?)
-the stem doesn't make any difference,  I'll probably cut it off anyway.
Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!!!
basket of yarn

selling used cups?

Hi everybody,
I have been too busy to read much here. I was wondering if anybody had sold used menstrual cups. Well, they are hardly used, I tried using each of them once without success. I have a keeper and a diva cup (after baby size), both are several years old but have been stored in their little cloth bags in a drawer. Do these have a finite life span? I would love to recoup a little of what I spent on them as I never used them. I have possibly stopped bleeding for good anyways (not a year yet lol so who knows). Any thoughts or suggestions on what to do with these cups are very welcome. thank you!!!