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Smelly cup?

Hi ladies! Happy new year!

Just a week ago, my small lunette arrived in the mail! I was so excited (I ordered it in a group order wayyy back in August, I think. Maybe earlier!) I felt really lucky because my period was only a few days away. Lo and behold, my period started yesterday. So I excitedly boiled my cup, and inserted it in the shower. Fast forward 6 hours. I just took it out to clean it and reinsert it, and it has this unbelievable smell to it... Like sewage?!

The curious thing is, I purchased a large lunette almost a year ago, and have had absolutely no problems with the smell. I'll put it in tomorrow to make sure that it's not just the blood... What is going on? Is it a difference in material? What could possibly be growing on it that would make it smell like that? Ugh. I really want to love this cup!

Thanks :)
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