December 29th, 2014

  • erkirk

new user help!

Help! My cervix is 1.25" up during my cycle. I tried the diva cup-post birth (I didn't know about anything at the time) and couldn't figure out why it was hanging out and stabbing my legs lol. Did research, found out about low cervix, figured the FemmeCycle Low Cervix was best option. Bought one and had a great first try. But then it went VERY WRONG. The next couple of times I inserted it... It suctioned to my cervix and I had a terrible time getting it off. If I squeezed the bowl it pushed air into my cervix (very painful!) and didn't break the seal. I tried to hook my finger around rim to break the seal from my cervix with no luck. So I tried a combination of small twisting, light pulling, and light squeezing to get it out. It finally broke the seal and came out. It HURT bad and my cervix was pulled almost to my vagina opening after!!! That scared me so bad. I couldn't even try to put a tampon (no applicator) in after! I had to use pads and was scared for days. What a terrible experience. I haven't tried since. Since I don't have experience with other "low cervix" cups I don't know how they can possibly work if my cervix is 1.25" up? Does my cervix sit inside of them, how else will it fit without sticking out of my vagina? will it hurt like the FemmeCycle? Please tell me there is a solution, I really want a cup to work. I'm 32 and have had 1 vaginal birth, medium flow, weakened pelvic floor. Please suggest cups that might fit me!?
  • mszizi

Lily cup classic or compact

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the menstrual cup community. I just started using menstrual cup this month, with some difficulty when taking it out. By the way, I have a juju cup. I have read through the posts on how to get the cups out so I'm going to give it a try next month. However, I'm also thinking about getting another cup because the juju cup is a little bit hard for me to reach and the stem is too stretchy and slippery to hold on. I'm thinking about the lily cup but I don't know if I should go with the classic or compact. Does anyone know which one is more comfortable and cause less leakage? (please excuse any grammatical errors, not native English speakers) Thanks!