December 17th, 2014

First time Lunette user but think I need a softer rimmed cup...


Hello all. I just wanted to chime in to share my newbie experience with menstrual cups and ask some teething problem questions.

I'm 23 and virgin but me and my hoo-haa are quite friendly on the weekends. I've used the Lunette Selene model 1 for a few cycles now but am having some trouble with removal & capacity (could be a cervix issue...) But aside from that it's been pretty nice, I remember when I first put it in despite being very objective (keeping an eye out for pain & any weird pulling assosiated with folds etc,) the first thought I had as soon as it sprang open once inside was, "This is the COOLEST thing in the WHIRL!!!1!1one!1" I was like, dang girl.

My questions are about pain-free removal re stretching (not urethra related,) and the cup not filling correctly despite no leaks.

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