November 28th, 2014

trouble with insertion

Hi there, I just received my first menstrual cup (Mooncup UK, size A), and I want to make sure that I can actually insert and remove it before I actually get my period. I've been trying for two days to insert it with no success. I'm in my 30's, a virgin, and I've been using tampons since I was 16. I knew there would be a learning curve, but I had no idea I would have such trouble with this! I've gotten the cup partially inserted using the triangle fold or the punchdown fold. I seem to run into problems when the hand that I'm using to insert gets so close to my body that I can no longer hold the fold. The cup either snaps open and pops out, or just sits there. I've tried pushing it in, but rather than pushing it further into my body, I just seem to be kind of pushing or folding the bottom of the cup into itself, if that makes sense. Any suggestions?

Not sure what to try next...

I'm 22 years old and have been using a Diva Cup since I was 13 or 14. In the past few months, I've done more research and am so excited to see so many MC companies! When I first started using one it was between the Diva Cup and the Keeper (at least here in the US).

I was due for a new Diva Cup but I decided instead to try something new. The Meluna just got FDA clearance here in the US so I ordered the Classic Meluna XL with a ring stem. I have very heavy cycles and can bleed through my Diva Cup in 3 or 4 hours for the first 2 days so the XL capacity is great. However, I'm having the worst time getting my Meluna to unfold. This is my second cycle with it and I can't get it to unfold regardless of which fold I use or how I try to insert it (on the toilet vs. squatting). I'm very frustrated with it and think it's just not for me.

What should I look for next? I need something with a large capacity. I have a very high cervix and very heavy flow. I don't have any trouble inserting the Meluna which is quite a bit bigger at the rim than my Diva Cup. I don't mind purchasing internationally though if there is something similar in the US that'd be great. I still have my Diva Cup and have been using it on and off, I'd just like to try something different!