November 26th, 2014

How do I know if the diva cup is the right size for me?

Hello everyone,

I am having trouble understanding how to find my cervix, how to choose a cup size and whether the cup I have is the right size for me. I am 25 and a virgin and I have the small diva cup. I've never, ever used tampons. I am currently on my 4th cycle of trying to use the cup. I still struggle to insert and remove it smoothly (I spend at least ten minutes in the bathtub for both, every time and can't imagine doing it on the toilet) but have come a long ways from the beginning when I was afraid to attempt it!

So, first, the cervix. I can stick a finger in less than half way before I come across some big blob-like thing. Is this my (low and/or dangly) cervix? It seems to take up lot of space and is fairly squishy. If it's not my cervix, how do I find my cervix?

Second, the cup size. I can usually insert the diva cup completely but sometimes the stem bothers me a little bit. Sometimes, I cannot insert the diva cup completely, only half way, for example today on the second day of my cycle: I removed it after it leaked when only half full and when I tried to re-insert it just kept refusing to go inside all the way. It would not pop open even when half inserted and in fact it even deflated and seemed to grab onto something (my cervix??) and pulled/felt a little funny when I removed the deflated cup. Was it pulling my cervix? Did it leak when it was half full because my cervix was taking up space in it? It was quite awkward that I'm not even wearing it right now - I resorted to using a pad!

So, how do I choose a right sized cup based on this information? Sometimes I only experience residual leakage but other times there is a lot more leaking. Sometimes the diva cup inserts fine, other times it doesn't. Sometimes the stem bothers me and other times it doesn't...I tried inserting the diva cup "inside out" but it didn't go inside comfortably.

Do I need a cup that is shorter? wider? Longer? longer stem? If my cervix is indeed low or dangly, and I got a shorter cup, wouldn't that mean my cervix would take up more room in it? Just so confused, any help would be appreciated. I get so much out of all your posts and answers and hope you can help me. Thank you so much!!

P.S. i live in Canada, so any recommendations for cups that can be purchased here or without shipping fees online would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!