November 24th, 2014

It's stuck.

Hi everyone! I'm 24, just bought a menstrual cup last month cos I work long hours as a florist and was looking for an alternative to pads. So anyway I used it for the first time last night, pretty easy to slip and turn in although I accidentally pushed it in too far. I apparently have a marianas trench of a vagina because throughout the night it rode up even higher. It was a little uncomfortable and after a few failed attempts to pull the thing out I gave up and went to sleep.
This morning it's in even further. Before I could reach the tip of the stem without having to delve inside but now I have to dig down in there just to feel it. It's also starting to hurt a little when I sit so I think it bumped against my cervix.
So I've been messing with it, and I think I broke the seal because I pushed against the side and it's leaking now and coated my fingers but I can't get a good grip on it or reach far enough with my thumb and index to get it out. It's so slippery and so deep inside now that the stem is hard to grab. It's just kind of snuggled in there good.
Bearing down does nothing, it won't budge an inch and to make matters worse it's kind of veered off to the right a little making it even more difficult to get a grip on. My vag is getting swollen and starting to get too tender from all the probing so I'm giving up for now.
I don't have insurance and I really would love not to have to go to a doctor so I have a few questions.

1. My period is heaviest on the first and second day so can I just leave it in there until it gets heavy and possibly falls down enough to get a better grip on it's own or will it just make it more difficult to remove?

2. If it is attached to my cervix, will I injure myself trying to tug it out. And how can I know for sure if it did suction to my cervix and how big of a problem would that be.

3. Now that it started leaking does that mean the seal is definitely broken and it's just a matter of freeing it from my vaginal death grip?

I'm not really super worried about it at the moment, just wondering how long before I /should/ start to worry and if going to get it removed by a gyno is gonna be the last remaining option.

Having trouble inserting the my menstrual

This is my first time ever using the a menstrual and I am 18. I ordered the Diva Cup size one. I have not trimmed the stem.

I had done a few dry runs before my period started. I didn't have any trouble with getting it in or out. I used the push down fold. When I woke up this morning and I noticed I was bleeding, so I was super excited use the cup. I went to the bathroom and put it in using the push down fold and it went in. I could not tell exactly if it had opened all the way. So I tried to spin the cup to make sure it was sealed but I could not turn it at all. How is it even physically possible to spin it? After I had it in, I just assumed there was seal cause I could not spin it.

I went back to bed a laid down on my phone for about 3 hours. I periodically checked to see if it had leaked any, and it hadn't. But when I got out of bed, I noticed it was getting kind of leaky. I went to the bathroom to check and it was leaking and it was. SO I took it out, emptied it, then washed my cup and put it back in. This time I sill could not spin the cup. I went and sat down and it started to give me dull pain then it felt like there was an air pocket in my vagina. Then I took it out again because it was hurting.

Am I putting it in wrong? Is it to high in my vagina? How can I tell if it is sealed? Is there a better fold to use?