November 17th, 2014

Please help! leaking no matter what I do, really want it to work. :(

I want so badly to be able to switch to cups. I hate tampons, hate the toxicity of them etc.
My story, 33 years old, 3 kids, a bit on the heavier side etc. I am moderately familiar with my cervix, though I can never touch it more than barely with the tips of my finger, so it must be pretty deep.

Ive tried 3 different brands of cups. various folds etc. I get the cup in there, think its great and perfect... then 5 minutes later GOOSH I feel blood coming out. My cup is always empty, and blood is coming out next to it. I thought maybe my cervix is next to it or something? But it doesnt seem to matter if I put the cup in only a tiny bit, versus way far in..... it ALWAYS leaks!!! Ive tried angling up, down, sideways, lol..... doesnt matter. :( Im so frustrated!!! I dont know what more to do.