November 12th, 2014

Sweaty Vagina Smell When Using DivaCup

I know there are may posts regarding bad odors when using cups, but none of them seem quite like what I am experiencing. Heres my story:

I have been using DivaCups for about 2.5 years. I had my first cup for a year and a half, and towards the end it started to get a very strong rotting flesh smell that most people seem to comment on in the majority of the "bad smell" posts. I believe this happened after I cleaned it with strong/abrasive cleansers which compromised the silicone, causing the bad smell. So, I bought a new one, which I am using now and have had for about a year. I clean this one by boiling it every month and washing it with the DivaCup Wash during use. This is the third month that I have used my newer cup and experienced a different, but equally disgusting smell as the rotting flesh smell. After only an hour or 2 of wearing my cup, when I go the restroom and pull down my undies, I instantly smell a VERY strong odor. I can only describe it as smelling like vagina skin body odor. Like, if you a couple days without showering, the skin outside your inner lips (outside of the vagina itself) gets that funky, body-odor smell that goes away after a good wash. Or if you have a really long, hard workout, at the end of it you get that funky sweaty body odor smell down there. Except the smell I am experiencing is 10x stronger when I have the cup in. The cup itself does not smell and the inside of my vagina does not smell like this either. But, this is only happening WHILE I wear my DivaCup, and only within the last three months. I dont understand the correlation between the smell and wearing the DivaCup, especially since the cup itself smell fine, but this is only happening during my period, when I have the cup in.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is this cup just old and in need of replacement? Any suggestions/ideas/snide remarks?
  • rieq

cloth pad deals

OK so I thought I posted this yesterday, but I still don't see it, I apologize if it appears twice. I have always used a pad as a backup (even when I used tampons before I had heard of cups) and I've recently decided that I'd like to switch to reusable cloth pads. I saw this deal in another thread: (the deal is, one free liner to new customers only, just pay the $3.99 shipping). I've been looking at various sellers, and it seems like most of them have deals for buying large amounts of pads, but everything I've read says don't buy a bunch from one place until you're sure you like them. So, I'm really interested in finding similar deals to the Party in My Pants one. It doesn't have to be free like that, but I'd like it to be a great deal on just one or two pads. If you know any, please share!