November 6th, 2014

Large Si-Bell?

Has anyone tried a large Si-Bell? The small sibell is my goldilocks, but I can't use it at night because it rides up way too far and I wake up with a huge leak and an empty cup. I have a very high cervix and I think a pretty narrow vagina. I currently use a small Lunette at night, which leaks sometimes. But the main problem is that the lunette is too firm for my sensitive bladder. So I'm wondering if I just need more capacity for at night?

Anyone tried the large si-bell? or have advice for a different cup I could try? I (think) I like longer cups as opposed to the rounder bell shape of the lunette.

I've looked at the ruby cup and it seems nice, but I don't know if the shape is for me.

What cup should I get?

Hello everyone! After a couple days of stalking here, I have joined up. :D

I am 16 (nearly 17), have never had kids, and I have a low-average cervix - 6cm/60mm/2.3in. (I'm on my period now, and I'm checking the depth every day. It hasn't changed so far, and I'm on Day 3.) From what I know, my flow is light-average. I get bad cramps, and I'm hoping a cup will lessen them. I also want to start dancing in the future, so maybe will have to choose keeping that in mind? I don't know. (I'm sorta broke right now, so can't afford to get two to choose between them, btw. XD)

Anyway, with all that information, what cup would you guys suggest for me? Thanks so much!

Leaking Lunette, will adding a hole help?

I have both the small and large Lunette (as well as the small and large Sckoon cup).

I just leak with both my Lunettes on my heavy days.

The other day, the seal broke within 2 hours!

(I'm fine with Sckoon, but it's so squishy that reinsertion at work can be difficult and I don't have time for that.)

So, I remember months ago reading about punching in extra holes.

Should I try this? Will it help? How do I do this and what size do I make it?

Thank you all,


I plan to buy the small and large Yuuki, anyone know how they compare in capacity and firmness/squishness to the Lunettes (and Sckoon)? Does the seal stay in place better? I've read some charts, but I would like personal experiences if possible.