October 20th, 2014

  • alohabb

Suggestions before I sell...Meluna; can't open, stays squashed :(

I've been using the Diva Cup 2 for some time now with no problems. However, I did want a back up cup or maybe something smaller for my spotting days. After reading here and there on Google, watching Youtube vids, and weeding through what I can purchase in the US, I settled on Meluna.

I went through their size calculator (size medium) and placed my order. I was sad that the USA store doesn't offer colors, but still happy with the ball stem option as I had cut the stem off my Diva.

I was so excited to receive it. I was at the end of my cycle when it arrived and figured I'd give it a try. For the life of me, I could not get it to open. I tried a few different folds but still had no success. I was getting sore, so I put it away for the time.

A few days ago I knew my period was coming so I took it out again and tried it on a dry run since there would be no mess to clean while I was trying to figure it out. No luck. I came online and read about making sure the holes were positioned in the "punch" of the punch down fold and tried hoping it would work, but again no luck. When I managed to dig the rim out for it to open, the rim stayed squashed together like closed lips.

Are there any other suggestions before I give up completely and sell it?

I'm 39, had two c-sections, high cervix, not very active, only started doing kegals recently, and still want to be excited about Meluna.

MeLuna TPE safety/possibility to break down?

I have read through tons of posts about MeLuna's on here, but none are really to the point and what I've read has confused me further.
I just recently ordered a MeLuna soft, medium cup. I trusted that TPE is safe, but after reading that some people experience really bad odours and that they're cup starts to "peel" apart I'm a little concerned.
Does anyone have any advice/experiences to offer? I'm still really excited to try out the cup, just a tad worried.