October 19th, 2014

New Cup Suggestions?

I currently have the small Ladycup and I have no problems with leaking or anything. Taking it out can be difficult because I can't fold it so it hurts like heck emptying it, which doesn't make the cup prospect seem very nice lol. It's also a little more difficult to go #2 with the cup in and I realize now that it may be pushing on something.
Is there a slightly softer cup than the ladycup available? I definitely don't want anything bigger.

I'm considered the soft MeLuna because I've realized the Ladycups rim is too resistant right now so I can't fold it. Anyone have any experiences or tips for the MeLuna's? I would still use a size small..?

Missed Cycle

I successfully used my Divacup for the first time last month. I had it in from when I got up until 3-4ish then I put pads on because I'm not yet comfortable sleeping with it in.

Anyways, I generally have a moderate-heavy flow. With the Divacup, there was barely any in there after about 8-9 hours! And even when I woke up, my pads were hardly even soiled... This was even on the first day..
And my period was light the entire cycle-- which is VERY unusual!!

I was a bit worried, but figured it might pick up this month (btw, my eating habits hadn't changed or anything, I was leading the same life as I had been-- still applicable to now, haven't changed anything).

I should have gotten it last week, and I've been waiting for it to come but it hasn't!!

Also fyi, I have NOT had sex or any sexual encounters at all, so I am 100% definitely NOT pregnant.

Now I had missed a period, for I had had 2 in one month but that was when I had very firstly started my period-- I have never missed a period since then, unless I have had it twice in one month, missing the next month...

I'm concerned! I haven't even had any pains or cramps, but I have broken out on my face very little under my chin, but there is a reasonable answer for this (I had gotten horse poop on my face there... long story) since I don't usually tend to break out on my period anyways...

Anyhow, I am worried, and was wondering if the cup could have had something to do this? And please don't say this is a coincidence without giving a VERY reasonable defense, because I am 100% sure this is NOT coincidental.

I am 15, would it be advisable to visit the doctor? I'm worried about endometriosis or something like that