October 17th, 2014

low cervix help


I'm new to menstrualcups and hoping you might help me source my perfect cup.

I have been using a mooncupuk since July and having problems with leakage.

The leakage I experience is not major but I do need a backup pad on days 2 and 3 of my period. I empty my cup every hour when I notice leakage but it's only about a quarter full.

I do have to coax my cervix into the cup and have no residual slobber after insertion.

I contacted mooncupuk for advice and they told me my cervix was too low and I should stop using it and they refunded my money.

I cut the stem completely off and wear it flipped inside out. My cervix is 4.5cm inside and seems to sit towards my tail. It stays in this position all month (it only moves up when I exercise my pf muscles). I have no children. I'm 36 and my flow is heavy at times (either floods or trickles) with lots of clots.

I do a bit of dancing as exercise (line dance, jive, ballroom, tap) not sure if this is relevant re: pelvic floor)

I contacted meluna as I am interested in the shorty but it's not available in the UK yet.

I have looked at the size charts but all the smaller length cups seem to be smaller in width and capacity too which might not suit me either.

I should also add I don't find my mooncupuk uncomfortable when turned inside out.