October 8th, 2014

Sibell vs. Softcup

I have used a menstrual cup for 5 years now. I started with a lunette then I went to a fleurcup and now I use a sibell. The sibell is the softest cup I have. When I first started using cups I didn't have this problem. Now I can barely pee when I have the cup in. It also makes me feel like I have to pee all the time. I know that there are softer cups now but I'm not sure which ones. I do have a low cervix so I need a shorter cup but I need a high capacity. The ones I have are larges. Is there one out there that is short, soft and has a high capacity? I've been looking at the softcups. I don't like the idea of using a different one every cycle but I also don't think I should continue using the ones I am. I feel like they would leak more than a regular menstrual cup. Am I wrong? Thanks for any advice!

Trouble inserting & Turning Diva Cup.

I'm 23 and not a virgin but I seem to have a very tight entrance to my vagina. I have a high cervix so after researching I wanted the longest cup I could find and went with the Diva Cup. I just got my first cup and this will hopefully be my first cycle using it. I should be starting this week sometime so I wanted to practice inserting and removing. However, even with the 7 fold its still tricky to insert. Then after 20 minutes of fiddling with the cup I can't get it to unfold while in me. Ive tried pulling back out partially but as soon as the bottom of the cup resurfaces the rest slides out too. I also have trouble inserting my finger around the cup to try to move it.

Is my vagina too small to successfully use a cup? I have had times when even inserting a regular tampon was difficult & painful during my period. Though I'm not a virgin I've also rarely had pain free sex, it hurts a lot unless I'm VERY VERY aroused.
Am I using the wrong cup? I read that Diva was relatively firm and firm cups tend to open easier but this thing will not.
Is there a way to stretch my vag opening or relax it some way? I've always had trouble with inserting tampons & sex so if theres a way to fix this it'd help in more than one aspect of my life.

Can't stop leaking


I have been using a cup for a few months now and I can't get it to stop leaking. I'm 35 years old, 3 kids all vaginal births. My muscles are far from loose though. My first cup was the moon cup (US). It felt too long and hurt. I then bought the sckoon cup. It is much more comfortable but I still have leaking. I tried turning the moon cup inside out to shorten it and that helped with the fit, but it too leaks. Within a short period of time both cups end up way up high. So high it's hard to reach them. They are both the large cups meant for women with children. I am wondering if maybe the smaller ones would actually be a better fit. It seems like maybe my vaginal walls are squeezing it upwards and maybe a smaller one would fit lower. I am thinking maybe it's getting squeezed too hard and not forming a seal. I know it is fully open but it is super hard to turn. They are for sure leaking and not just dripping residual blood. Anybody have better luck with the smaller cups even after children? I don't want to keep buying cups that don't work! I should add that when the cup moves up super high the moon cup is painful like its pressing on something. The softer sckoon cup isn't noticable.