September 22nd, 2014

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I'm having a hard time choosing.

I'm currently a Diva Cup user, but I'm having issues. I started using a cup before conceiving my daughter (third child), and now that my cycles have started again, the Diva really isn't working for me anymore. It was fantastic before getting pregnant, but it seems like everything shifted down after her birth.

The cup literally comes out, but still has a good suction. It starts off higher, but drops down over time? I still have to pop a seal when I empty it, so I don't understand what's going on.

I'm starting to wonder if I need a shorter cup? Or maybe a wider rim?

I'm currently trying to decide between the Sckoon Cup, Lunette and MeLuna. I will obviously need a size for those that are older and have given birth. I'm currently 30 years old.

Thank you so much in advance! :)

New cup or No??

I'm a long time cup user (since about 1996) who is STILL on the hunt for her GOLDILOCK's Cup! !
I'm yet to find a cup that doesn't leak!
Cups ALL leaked
1st DIVA Lg.: a bit long, holes clogged
Inside Out-still leaks but feels better
COL?- small holes, too long

2nd Ladycup Lg: holes to low, felt good
COL?: air holes to low

3rd Green Dona Sm.:too small, twisted around a lot
COL?: Too small

4th Fleurcup Lg: good fit, heavy days empty hourly! ?
COL?: Too wide/cervix in cup

5th FEMMYCYCLE: hard to place/open!
COL?: not sealed

6th NaturalMamma: long but not uncomfortable,
Inside Out: feels better
COL?: Too long, too soft, being SQUEEZED?

Soooo now I'm thinking of my next cup totry.
1-Miacup sm.
2-Femmycycle low cervix style
3-Meluna Lg sport shorty
4-Yuuki sm.

I'm wondering should i go for a wider & shorter cup? My cervix will nest in it but will it still have capacity on heavy days?
Or a narrower & shorter cup so cervix can not nest in cup as much?
Holes have to be high I know or none.
Thinking of trying the low cervix FEMMYCYCLE.....I'm soooo ready for my Holy Grail cup!!
Sorry post so long, thanks for reading it & your help, in advance!