September 17th, 2014

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Cup removal championship

so, I recently bought a Lunette cup (size 2). Had some insertion issues, but got over them with a different folding technique (they list them on their website and even have a menstrual cup origami video link). The placement was nice, no pain, no leaks, just over the pubic bone. Then, after a workday, I tried to remove it. I spent 2h in the bathroom trying different methods, but finally gave up and went to sleep.

Now, I'm writing this, because during my struggles I read about similar issues on the internet, which helped me not lose hope. And there's a happy ending. This morning I took a muscle relaxant (don't know if it helped any), and pushed my index and middle finger alongside the cup. What seemed to work best was starting while lying down during insertion and then coming up to a sitting position to make myself shorter (this all took place in the bathtub) and just having the fingers in there as far as I could reach and pressing on the cup until I could break the seal to end all seals. After that I could slide the blasted thing out.

Stuff that didn't work, and considering the force it took to break the seal, couldn't work:

Pulling on the stem and trying to move the cup back and forth;

Grabbing the bottom of the cup and pinching and pulling (first of all, I couldn't get a hold of the cup bottom, it's tight in there, okay; secondly, just trying to do it with this cup outside of the body didn't change the shape of the upper part enough to have any effect on the seal; thirdly, without breaking the seal it would be impossible to generate enough force in that awkward hand position to move the cup);

Bearing down (was completely useless, the only useful thing to do is try to find a position where you're shorter, if you're having as much problems as I was that thing is stuck to your vaginal wall like a baby octopus and it's not coming lower unless the actual wall is coming lower).

All in all, not feeling terribly empowered or enthusiastic about menstrual cups, but I hope this helps someone.
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low cervix femmycycle

Hello Everyone,
I've just gotten off the phone with a very nice lady at Femmycycle. I got some more information about the low cervix model: it's 51mm long (including the ring), 38mm wide, with a 1oz capacity. I have what I think is a very low (possibly dangly) cervix, on my cycle it's just about one knuckle in. The Femmycycle lady was concerned that my cervix would get sucked in and be very uncomfortable, but she has a high cervix, so she wasn't sure. I currently have a MeLuna mini medium which fits very comfortably, but the capacity is being "wasted" by my cervix and on heavy days I only get about 2-2.5 hours before overflow. Do any of you who own the low cervix model have a low cervix yourself and could you give your opinion please? I'm also open to other suggestions to increase capacity. For reference, my MeLuna cup is 45mm x 45mm (without the ring), and I don't think I could get a much longer cup. I initially tried Instead softcups and my vagina was just a tad too short to get it in. I also own a MeLuna classic medium, and at 48mm that's close to the limit. I've also heard that MeLuna is coming out with mini large and xl, does anyone know more about that? That might be a possibility, as the switch to the wider shorter mini did help. Thanks in advance!!

NuvaRing and Cups Simultaneously? Will it affect the effectiveness?

Hi Everyone! I used to have an account on here, but I couldn't remember my login information. My GYN and I decided to change up the way I am using my Nuva Ring. It used to be the 3 weeks in, 1 week out, but I have been dealing with horrible cramps now for over 2 years and she decided we should just try to eliminate my period. So, I am wearing my ring for 3 weeks, taking it out for 3 days and then putting a new one in. I just put my new one back in today....and my period began this morning just before I put it in. :/ It is even worse than ever. It is beyond painful and I am using disposable pads right now because I'm scared to use my cup with the ring, so I am also miserable too.

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