August 24th, 2014

Fleurcup Large or Small for a 23yr old Virgin

I am trying to make a good decision about which cup to buy because whichever one I get will probably be it for a while. After much research I have decided on the Fleurcup as during my cycle my cervix is at the 50-60mm in, so I think I'm in the shorter vagina group. I am not sure which size to get because I am comfortable with insertion, and I know that the vagina will stretch to accommodate whatever is inserted even if one is a virgin.
I am worried about leaks because it is too small, horseback riding associated leaks, feeling like I have to pee all the time because it is too big, it not opening because it is too big, and (after reading some horror stories) that it will suction itself to my cervix because it is too big or too small!
I am more inclined to go larger for the larger capacity, but as I have no experience with anything like this-- any advice I can get will go a long way to helping me choose if the Large or Small is right for me.

How much blood should I be losing?

I'm 18 and a virgin.
I've had a history of excessive menstrual bleeding. About 9 months ago I landed in the hospital with severe anemia and was about 5 minutes away from needing a blood transfusion. Since then I've been on continual birth control (skipping the inert pills so I don't get a period.) This month I spotted through the whole month and last night I took my last pill, and decided that I'm going to try to get a period this month, as it seems like my body thinks it's time.

Yesterday while still on the end of birth control, the cup was less than half full after 12 hours. Today, its half full after only 4 1/2. It leaks after its half full, I think because the diva cup is too long for my cervix. I read that the average period loses about 2 ounces of blood and in 5 hours I've lost 1/4 of that, so I'm a little worried. I can't go by the standard "get help if you soak through a pad or tampon in an hour" and I'm not used to seeing my blood like this so I'm really not sure how much there is supposed to be or how much is too much.

I'm trying not to be hypochondriac about this or a wuss or anything but the last time this happened I was really, really sick for a very long time.
I can't call my gynecologist until tomorrow.

Looking for Goldielocks... Fleurcup or MeLuna Sport?

I could use some advise on getting a new cup. I've used a large Yuuki for the past 4 (5?) years. It was a definitely a HUGE upgrade from the Diva (my first cup) just for the capacity, but I still get leaks on heavy days and can't make it through the heavy nights without leaks. I noticed a few abrasions on the rim, and figured it might be time to replace. I have a heavy flow, especially on my first two days and large capacity is an important factor.

When I leak on my heavy days, I often find that my cup is only half or 2/3 full (below the holes) when I empty. It's frustrating to leak below full capacity! This leads me to believe that a) I have the infamous dangling cervix that reduces the cup's capacity on heavy days OR, b) I have strong pelvic floor muscles that squeeze the bottom of the cup, therefore reducing capacity. Perhaps a combination?

I also briefly tried a large LadyCup. I loved the cup aesthetically, but found that it leaked much more frequently than the large Yuuki, so I only use it as backup or on light days. It seems like a pretty squishy cup to me, so maybe this worked poorly with stronger muscles.

I have a large Fleurcup coming in the mail. (It's inexpensive and easy to ship to my current location and seemed similar in shape and capacity to the Yuuki, which is *mostly* perfect for me.) I've also heard generally positive things about it.

I'm ALSO intrigued by the MeLuna Sport - I think a high capacity, stiffer cup might work better for a heavy flow combined with strong muscles, I think the MeLuna sport might be worth a try.

My questions:
1) How does the MeLuna sport stiffness compare to the older version of the Yuuki? Any other strong-muscled ladies have better luck switching to a stiffer cup?
2) Should I try the MeLuna sport large or extra large? I don't have a problem accommodating the large Yuuki or large Ladycup comfortably, and they both open completely upon insertion. Back in the day, I could accommodate Diva (the small size) comfortably without a stem, if that gives you reference for length.:)
3) Any thoughts on how Fleurcup compares to Yuuki? I was referred to Fleurcup as a good choice for ladies with the dangling cervix overflow problem and wanted to try it for that reason!

Thanks! This group is awesome. :)