August 18th, 2014

Pain and bleeding a week after period using DivaCup

Hi everyone, I've been lurking for a while and wanted to say thanks for all the helpful information. I had my DivaCup (the smaller size) for about 2 years and couldn't figure it out before I found this community. When I finally was able to start using it last month, I fell in love.

However: I got scared today. I kept my DivaCup in for the week following my period because I was having that white, mucous-y discharge. Today I noticed some minor discomfort in my belly and the area where my cup was seemed to feel tight. I thought it might be cup-related. I removed the cup, and my fingers came out bloodstained and there was blood when I wiped. My period ended a week ago and I haven't ever spotted this far afterward. I did notice the cup was kind of high. Is this normal? I'm scared that something could be wrong. My mom recently passed away from colon cancer that spread to her ovaries and she had a lot of female problems before the diagnosis, so my mind immediately jumps there. I have a doctor appointment (not related, just for a checkup) next week but I'm wondering if it's something I need to get checked out sooner, or if it's not really a concern at all.

In case it helps, I'm 27, not a virgin, never had kids. Thanks.

Dry-run, first time use with new suction holes, high cervix and a very slippery cup

I think I have now made ​​some very perfect suction holes. - See

After the first attempt, where I was completely unprepared (did a dry run and then couldn't get the cup out again and had to go to my doctor...), I now have respect for it, and I have read everything I could find in order to become a "cup-expert".

I planned to try my JuJu cup again, but this time during my period, and when the day came, I tried a few times to place it relatively low in the vagina and then take it out again. It went fine. I could push the cup out until I could squeeze the base of the cup to break the suction seal, and I could really feel a difference with the new holes in the cup.

However letting it ride all the way up was another thing. - I spent a whole hour staring at the cup with utmost respect, and unfortunately I ended up not having the guts to let it ride up. I think it's extra embarrassing to ask my doctor to remove it during menstruation.

I really want to try again one day where I don't have my period. I've read several post advising against dry-runs, but on the other hand, if the cup can only be removed during heavy menstruation, what should I then do at the beginning or end of my period where I don't bleed much?

My questions are:
1) Are there any experienced cup users out there who also have a high cervix and do dry runs? What is your experience?
2) Will I be able to push the cup some of the way out, when it is placed high in the vagina? Or will I have to tug on the stem until I can reach the base of the cup - with the risk of increasing the suction seal?
3) JuJu is a very comfortable cup, but it is very slippery. Do you think it is too advanced for a beginner like me with a high cervix?
Thanks in advance ;-)

I am not a virgin, but I haven't had children.

Is the DivaCup too long for me??

Awright, first go with my Divacup! (I did try last month, but only for a few hours, so it didn't really count) :)

I think I have a low-ish cervix - just about to the second joint on my middle finger. I got the cup in, pulled it out after about 2 hours and had a nice little puddle in the bottom, nothing on the outside, so I'm pretty sure I got it in the right place.

The stem was really pokey - stuck out my opening and poked my peehole. Ow. I trimmed the stem almost all the way off and put it back in.

I can still kind of feel it, and I can see it poking its little head out when i look at it with a mirror.

What do all you experienced users think? Should I trim the rest? Do I need to push it in further? (It doesn't seem to go, but maybe I'm not pushing hard enough?) Should I try a shorter cup? This is a Diva size 1.

thank you thank yoU!