August 15th, 2014

  • hariah

Meluna USA

I ended up deciding to get a Meluna, and as a result I found that they've finished getting FDA approval in the US for the clear cups and have opened a US webstore! :) Mine just arrived in the mail, but my period just finished, so I'll have to wait til next month to try it out.

It's so nice not having to wait forever for/pay out the nose for shipping, so if you're in the US, remember to order through the us page.

Also,they're running a Facebook promotion, so you can enter to win a cup or cup cleansing kit. And there's a coupon code there too, if you want to buy one.
Hope my discovery helps :)

Buying decisions

I've been using a small Lunette for some time, but I want to buy a larger cup for those first very heavy days and nights. I want a really soft cup, because my cup has been a bit uncomfortable on my very tender/crampy days, and I'm hoping a softer cup will help.

I've been leaning towards getting a Si-Bell, but the measuring lines on the new Natu cup got me interested in that one too. Can anyone compare the softness of the Si-Bell (large) with the new Natu (large)? And the silicone, does it feel very different? How is the new Natu to get to pop open?

The non-spill rim makes me very interested in the FemmyCycle too, but I'm afraid it's going to be too noticable on my crampy days - anyone have any experience with using the FemmyCycle on sensitive days?

I'm really hoping to just buy one more cup, so I want to get it right!