August 8th, 2014

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I've been using an organicup for a while now but I keep having problems.

I have a very low cervix, so I had to experiment with insertion methods until I got it to work. I use the 7-fold, I let it open pretty early and then I have to kinda push my cervix up so it goes inside the cup and that seems to work. The stem is almost always outside. After this I twirl it and check that it's fully opened. But there are always leaks even when the cup is only a quarter full.

It seems to me this is one of the smallest cups out there so I thought it would work for me. It also seems to be very soft, although this is the only cup I've ever used so I have nothing to compare it to.

Could you recommend some other cup brand or maybe another insertion method to fix this problem?


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Hello everyone, I am very happy I came across this little gem of a page. I have heard about cups in the past and have always been curious so today, as I sit here on my period using a disgusting tampon because I'm out of disgusting pads, I decided to order my first menstrual cup. I've read over a few posts, looked over some pictures and did some digging just to find myself a bit overwhelmed with all of the options, sizes, numbers, etc.
I need some help in deciding which cup to choose as my first.
I am 24 years old, married, with one child. This is my second period since I gave birth 11 months ago.
I'm not really sure how long my vagina is or how high my cervix sits.
Before baby, my flow was normal (as far as I know), lasting 5-7 days with small clotting during heavy days. My first period postpartum was nothing out of the ordinary and this one seems the same just more crampy.
Basically, I'm sure this has been asked by many before me but I would like advice on which cup is recommended for first time users.

Thank you so much, I appreciate any replies!

stem issues

Hi all,
So I'm on my second cycle on the shecup.
The first time was pretty uneventful, and rather thrilling and over-all too good to be true.
I guess I was right about that cuz this time around, the stem has been either hitting my pubic bone or pushing hard against one side.
The pain is pretty bad and it's also giving me the worst lower back ache ever.
My period this time around has been rather cruel. Lot of cramps and heavy flow.
Any suggestions about the stem though?
I don't know much about other cups, as this was my first, but I think the stem is pretty short already. So I don't think there's much scope of trimming it