July 30th, 2014

New to Diva cup 2

So I have have had 2 kids (in my forties!). Average cervical height I think.

I am trying my Diva cup 2 for the first time as a "dry run". I noticed that I could feel the stem and so now trying it inside out. I can still "feel" the bottom of it. Am I just not putting it in far enough? I put it in right side out yesterday and after a walk it started coming out! Do I just have weak pelvic floor muscles? I could also start to pull it out without breaking the "seal". I will keep trying but also hoping I don't have to get a different model. Was hoping this was going to be the answer to all my tampon issues. Never felt right after kids. Heard so many good things about these cups!
  • a_z22

Ants ate my Diva, need a (softer?) replacement

So, we're having issues with ants this summer. A couple weeks ago, rotten red ants invaded the bathroom, got in the cabinet and toiletry case my Diva was in, and ate my Diva. Luckily my Fleurcup was in use and was spared, and my Diva was rarely used. Sad, though, as it was my first cup years ago, and my intro to cups. :(
Anyway, I need a replacement. I got the large Fleurcup in hopes of helping with the horrible first day cramping I was experiencing (directly related to the cup, since almost as soon as I take it out they stop). However, I'm still having the same issue, so have resorted to organic tampons on day one. I'd really like to not use those, so I'm thinking maybe a softer cup will help? Or maybe a wider cup, since it feels like it's squeezing my cervix, thus the cramping. I need a large capacity, since day one and two are my heaviest. I empty my Fleurcup about every four hours those days, and it's full or close to full every time. I also can't afford to spend a lot, which is why I went with the Fleurcup last time. Advice? Options? I don't really know where to start, since I was just going to continue with what I'm doing for awhile, but I'd like to have a backup cup. Huge bonus points if I can quit tampons and use cups 100%!
Thanks in advance!