June 26th, 2014

Diva Cup Replacement

Hi -

I am using a diva cup for the first time this cycle. I am 28 years old and have 3 kids. This is my first postpartum period after my 2nd and 3rd babies (I got pregnant my first cycle after baby 2, so I never had a period). My problem is this: the DivaCup keeps sliding out. I cut the stem, but I could still feel it, so I flipped it inside out and it's a lot better. It doesn't leak, it just slides down so I can feel it there all the time.

I have successfully gotten it to stay "up" 2 times. The first time was after I sat for awhile, and the second time was overnight (before I went to bed, it was sliding down, but when I got up it didn't). All the other times, it just slides down and I can feel it. I've come to the conclusion that the cup might be too long? So, do I stick it out for a few more cycles and keep flipping it inside out? Or, do I buy a shorter cup? Which cup would you recommend?

When I was pregnant, the midwives would always comment about how far back my cervix was, so I'm somewhat surprised.

Some advice needed

Hey everyone. I'm a first time cup user and friend I went to beauty school with inspired me to give these a try. So far so good I'm experiencing some leakage but that's mainly do to needing to learn more about my anatomy and the learning curve that comes with these cups. I'm using the diva 1 and the Lunette 1. I was scared the diva would be too. But it seemed to go in just fine on now my second day. But I was wondering am I supposed to feel the stem on them. I'm a little terrified of cutting them off. I'm scared that I won't be able to find it or have anything to grab on to. But the stem while not causing me pain it is annoying because I feel it when I move. Am I placing the cup in far enough or what? Right now the cup is sitting pretty close to being flush with my pelvic bone, I think. Any advice would be great. And sorry of this has been asked before I've read through most of the posts over the last few weeks but I can't remember seeing something about the stem.

4th period of cup training, but still has questions...

Hi :-)
I started out with the small OrganiCup and tried for 2 periods with very little success and much frustration (never unfolded, difficult to grasp, turned upside down, etc.), and then bought the small Divacup, which seems to fit me well. I have much more success with the Divacup, both last month and now, but I still have some questions. Please help me beat the learning curve, I am so close! ;-) (please answer the questions you feel like)

1. A few times I have succeded getting the cup inside with no pain and easy pop open and make a vacuum. But for the next hours, there's a little bit pink on the toiletpaper (after peeing) and sometimes a single drop in the pad. I guess it is the remaining blood below the cup, that has to come out, but what do you do? Should I wash myself with water after inserting the cup?

2. Yesterday it was easy to insert the cup (no pain) and it unfolded easily when I pushed the vagina wall with a finger. The cup seemed to be in the right position, but it leaked all day (maybe 10% of the blood). It was very easy to remove (too easy), so I guess the problem was, that it never made a vacuum? What should I do to create a vacuum, if it doesnt come by itself?

3. Sometimes it is very hard for me to insert the cup, because I can't relax the muscles and make the opening bigger. Then it hurts a lot when I try, and it gets even smaller. Sometimes it helps to turn myself a little bit on, and I can easier slide the cup in, without hurting myself. But what about the fluids? I mean, I guess they come from the vagina wall, meaning it will go in the cup too? Is that a problem?

4. I use the C-fold, because I like that I can feel the bottom with a finger around the stem and if the bottom feels round, the cup must have unfolded. With the punchdown fold, I find it difficult to make sure if the cup has opened. Are there any other folds you would recommend, where I can easier get the cup in, but still get it to pop open easily and be able to feel if it has unfolded? When the cup is inserted, I can usually only let 1 finger inside and it is very difficult for me to reach all the way to the rim to make sure it is unfolded (I can't check all the way around the rim).

5. It is afternoon now and I finally got the cup in and I think it is in the perfect position with a nice vacuum. (I didn't have the time and energy to fight with the cup this morning). Now I find it very tempting to let the cup stay inside until tomorrow morning (16 hours), since I am having a very light flow today (almost finished). Yesterday I had a heavier flow, but the cup wasn't even halfway filled after 13 hours. So I know that I won't fill the cup overnight, but are there any other things to consider when leaving the cup in for more than the recommended 12 hours?

Thank you very much for your answers, I look forward to reading them and learning more! (you don't have to answer every question, just write what you feel like). I really hope that I will soon be able to do without the pads :-D