June 18th, 2014

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Menstrual cup smell and vaginal odor too.

Hi everyone! I've been lurking on here before (when I was preparing to make the jump from pads to a menstrual cup), but its my first time posting.

I bought a Diva cup, along with the Diva wash and used it during my last cycle for the first time. It was mostly successful (I did leak from time to time, and my cup seems to shift to a sideways position by the end of the day, but that a post for another time).

I noticed that towards the end of my cycle (2 days before it ended) that my cup was beginning to smell. It was a weird combination of the citrus smell from the Diva wash and another smell (which I assume is my natural period/vaginal smell). It was a pretty pungent odor, and kind of sickening. But I figured that once I boiled the cup at the end of my cycle it would go away. So I finished my cycle, and I put my cup in boiling water (microwaved the water, then submerged the cup). It didn't help much with the smell. BUT now that my period is over, I've realized that my own vaginal smell has changed to the smell of the cup! It the same sickening citrus-y smell, and its driving me mad. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm hoping the smell will go away (its been 2 days since my period ended). I'm currently soaking the cup in hot water and baking soda, to help with its smell, but what can I do about my new smell down there? Also, do you guys have any recommendations for quick ways to clean your cup while on your period OTHER then the Diva wash? That citrus smell is not for me.

P.S.: There's no odd discharge and no irritation, so I've ruled out any sort of infection.
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New user: Cutting stem & knowing if cup is "up high enough"?

Hello everyone, I am very new to menstrual cups and have some initial questions.

I have been researching cups for a very long time, I’d say two years, and I have FINALLY been able to get one. I have a Lunette Cup model 1 (you can see it in my profile photo). I’m not on my period yet but I was very eager and excited so I’ve tried a dry run and have a couple questions.

I have a low cervix, I can get my finger in my vagina to my second knuckle before feeling my cervix (it’s around this height at all times of the month with some small fluctuation). Here is a photo which demonstrates that this is the exact length of my cup for me: http://imgur.com/7AZ4KIj

After about 5 tries I got my cup in with suction. However, it sits very low. The stem is completely outside of my vagina and the cup is directly inside the vaginal opening.

I was wondering..

1) Is this too low for a cup to sit? I looked with a mirror and could see the base of the cup but only a tiny bit, the cup is completely inside my vagina but just barely.
2) Since the stem is completely outside of my vagina should I cut it off? I’m just nervous about cutting it and somehow ruining the cup. The stem doesn’t necessarily hurt but it did poke my labia once which didn’t feel nice. I definitely won't need it for removal.

3) Will it be easier to insert when I’m on my period? I had to lay down on my bed spread eagle to get the cup in, I tried in the bathroom and it was a massive failure.

I’m really enthusiastic about making the change to cups, and hopefully reusable pads soon. I’ll be sad if this cup is too big for me. I couldn’t really feel it when it was in (apart from the brief labia poking incident).