June 15th, 2014

doctor, belle


Just excited, and didn't have anywhere else to share this.
I started using cups about a year ago. Somehow, I've been lucky and even though I run races pretty frequently always managed to not have to race on the dreaded heaviest day of my beast-like cycle.
Until today, when things started a whole week earlier than they were supposed to.
Back in the tampon days this would have meant super plus and either wait to put one in until right before race start (relying on a pad until then) or risk it being done about halfway through the race (or take one out right before the race before it's full and waste half of it) plus a backup pad (which has caused chafing and blisters-no joke-just on calm training runs).
Behold! The naturalmamma was emptied before leaving my house, no need for backup anything or any kind of messing with it, and didn't become full until after I got home.
These cups. They are little miracles.