June 14th, 2014

Painful Removal

Yesterday I received my mooncup, size B (I'm 14, virgin) it's my first menstrual cup and I was pretty excited to try it because in about two weeks I'm going on a school trip and we will be spending a lot of time in the water, lucky me, I'm going to be on my period.

So I figured a menstrual cup was the only
option, I ordered it, received it, sterilised it and got down to business. Inserting took about fifteen minutes but once I got it in I was super proud, I only wore it for around ten minutes because it was a little uncomfortable (which I'm pretty sure was just due to the stem but I didn't want to cut it in case I needed it for removal)

I was all ready to take it out and then came one of the most horrible experiences of my life. I managed to pretty quickly get most of the stem out but from there it was awful, I was bearing down as much as I possibly could, pulling and twisting the stem, I tried reaching up and pinching the base of the cup to release suction, I tried every position possible but it wouldn't come out. Eventually after about ten minutes I managed to very slowly, very painfully pull it out.

I'm now completely terrified of trying to use it again because of how painful it was but I know i have to keep trying because I have no choice. Please help me, was I doing something wrong, how can I make removal less painful and quicker and easier, and also, do you think I should cut the stem and will it be ok for swimming? My flow has been pretty light recently so hopefully that means it won't leak. Thank you ~
  • ylimeh

My lunette hurts me?

About a month ago, I decided to buy a Lunette cup after intensive research. I was a little nervous because my cervix is so high up I can barely reach it at the beginning of my period, and the third day it's so low I can barely get half a finger in. So, on the third day when I was using my Lunette, I realized I couldn't squat, sit down, or do any thing of that nature without getting a sharp pain down there. It really hurt. I couldn't bring my Lunette any lower because half the stem was already sticking out, and even when I was just walking, I could feel my Lunette and still it hurt slightly. Any suggestions? I believe my Lunette was pressing against my cervix, so should I get a softer cup,like the Meluna? I don't want to cut off my stem, either, and I really want to use a menstarual cup.