June 1st, 2014

Need to try a new cup or stick with current one...?

It looks like I'm still stuck in the dreaded learning curve! I've mostly gotten the hang of using my small mini MeLuna, but it's just way too tiny (and hard to reach!) for regular use. I liked the feel of the mini MeLuna since it was soft and not noticeable at all once it's inserted, I decided to go for a large soft MeLuna based on my estimation of my cervix height (6~8 cm). However, I found that no matter which fold I tried, I just couldn't get the large MeLuna to pop open at all (even if I let go of the rim once it's past the pubic bone -- still won't pop open)! I tried inserting a finger next to the cup once it's fully in (and still folded) to prod at it, but no dice. I've never had this issue with my mini MeLuna, which is an even softer cup. I wonder if it's because the mini MeLuna has more room to pop open due to its smaller size...?

So, my question is, do I keep trying with the large MeLuna (I've given up for today because omg so much chafing. I'm going with my mini MeLuna and I already know it's going to be a pain to remove it because it's ridden up so high!) or should I go for a different cup? I've tried the large MeLuna a couple of times and I've also found that it's kind of difficult and painful to insert -- are there other cups (of comparable size) that fold up more tightly? If I do attempt another cup, I'd want one with a body that's shorter than the large MeLuna (<5cm; I guess the new cup would have to have a longer stem) and probably one that's narrower (<4.4cm) but still has a capacity of 20mL.


Issues with Lunette Seal and Suction

I am 20 years old, and I bought my small Lunette a little over a year ago. At first I was very successful, but then I started to have problems with getting the cup to seal correctly. I used a toothpick to make the holes at the top a little bigger, hoping that would make it easier to get a good seal. I haven't had any luck and it seems like my muscles are strong and tend to push the cup almost completely out. I had to stop using my cup and go back to tampons which I absolutely hate because they give me severe headaches. I was considering buying a new cup all together, but I am not really sure what direction to go. I think a Meluna might be a good option, but I know it is difficult to get them in the US right now. I would appreciate any advice because I really would love to start using a cup again. As a side note, I also got a bacterial infection and I am afraid it may have come from the cup and I am worried about making sure it is sterile enough to continue using without getting the infection again, which is another reason I was considering getting a new cup.