May 15th, 2014

Will MeLuna Mini work for me?

Hey, I'm new to this Journal world, butI've been using a DivaCup for almost 2 years now, and I only have light cycles every 3 to 4 months because of birth control.
Every time I use my DivaCup, my cervix pushes it down to where I can feel it coming out (and I mean go good half inch to an inch outside of me) and if it happens to be tilted, it pushes down into a wall, usually the back one. This doesn't just happen when I walk, either, it's all the time and it gets uncomfortable and sometimes painful.

My question is, would the MeLuna Mini soft small work for me? I just need something short, my cervix even pushes tampons out.. when I push the cup or tampon back up, it feels very uncomfortable too. I'm 19, not a virgin, but I do have a small vagina with a cervix that likes to sit very low, and I can feel it about an inch from the entrance on a normal day. Bleeding is very light as well, I can never fill the diva cup in an entire day, so capacity isn't an issue, I just need a much shorter cup.
  • viv85e

UN-answered Newbie questions

Hi everyone. First, this is such a cool community. Thanks to all for sharing your posts/comments. I've found them very useful but I've got a few questions I couldn't find the answers to. After considering options I bought a sckoon small cup that arrived just in time for my scheduled period.

Once it arrived I was more excited for my period than I have honestly EVER been. First two days were trial and error. There was a bloody mess early on. Now, day four has gone very smooth. Here are my newbie questions that I haven't seen anywhere else:

1-Is it not supposed to leak not one drop of fluid? I don't have blood coming out but I've been wearing a light days pad and there is some kind of clear discharge by the end of the day. A very tiny amount but it is there. Anyone have this? It doesn't itch or smell bad so I don't think it is an infection at all. Just curious.

2-What happens towards the end of my period when things usually get 'gunky' and are not as liquid-y? Do you all wear the cup from start to finish of your period or switch to a light pad at the end?

3-How full is full? My sckoon leaked on day 2, always a heavier day for me, after only 5 hours. I bore down to try and get the cup at a place where I could easily reach it and saw some blood fall into the toilet bowl. Once I had removed the cup it was pretty full but definitely not up to where the suction holes are in the cup. Do you think it leaked because it was full or leaked because I didn't insert it properly? Does it only leak once liquid reaches the suction holes?

So far I am loving life with a cup and it is only day four :)

p.s. I love the sckoon. It is very comfortable and the style is cute.