May 14th, 2014

Leaking Fleurcup - thought I had it sussed but no, not yet :(

Hi, I posted a few months ago and really thought I had my Fleurcup sussed with putting it in low, letting it open up and then nudging it upwards.

Last night I woke up and, sorry for tmi, found that I'd bled all over the pad I still wear as back up and over the sides and on my sheets too. Not good. Found I'd passed a large clot (sorry) so can sort of understand why that happened. Since then though although there's not been any major clotting I am finding it is still leaking, even though I am doing what I said in my first paragraph. I know it is opened up because when I check with my finger you can feel it's inflated iykwim. The leaking isn't a bit of residual slobber either, it's full on leaks.

Any ideas please?