May 12th, 2014

Can suction alone pull out or dislodge an iud?

The Femmycycle says that it is safe to use with an iud. It does not say to break suction. The directions say to just pull it out slowly with the ring. The suction breaks as it comes out (kind of scary cuz it feels like you're gonna pull your vagina inside out). Could a cup lower an iud or take it out with just suction? Or is it usually because the string gets caught between the cup and your fingers?

This is my first time using a cup and my period is so much longer than usual and way more I'm a bit concerned with my iud dislodging. The strings are there and I don't feel it poking out of my cervix, but I'm just a bit worried cuz the first few times I used a cup there was a lot of pressure on my cervix and some pain up there when pulling it out.

horseback riding and meluna sport

hi, i just wanted to leave this post because there is not much information regarding the meluna sport cup.

recently i found out about the existence of cups, they are really hard to get here in Colombia and there is not much variety.

even so, the one thing i always had in mind was the fact that i have been riding horses since i was 7 (i am 25 now), and i found in several places that this particular sport really strengthens your pc muscles and that this can make it hard to open a cup. the second thing i had in mind is the fact that i'm a vet, and this means i'm running, crouching, jumping, squatting, climbing...and so on during most of the day! which was a big concern at the time of picking the right cup

after a lot of research i decided to get one and give it a try, but i must admit, it was a horrible decision to make since there are so many options. i finally found the melunas and was very intrigued about the sport type. however, there is so little information about them that i was feeling very reluctant about them.
i decided to contact meluna directly and they were very nice answering all my questions. even so, i was terrified about the fact that they are supposed to be the hardest ones out there, and being my first cup i was very scared to buy one and then find it to be too uncomfortable.

i finally made my decision and bought a sport meluna size m, so far i have only had a dry run, but there are some things i would like to share: first of all, you can feel its firmness, but it's not horribly hard, which was my main concern. second, everywhere i read, it said that the sport meluna would open up easily no matter what, which i must say is false! (this is how i found out how strong my pc muscles are! i never imagined riding horses could have such an effect on them!), i needed at least 4 tries before i could open it properly, and running my finger around it proved to be a challenge as well!, thing is, i finally did it! third, i would never recommend a stem type cup to someone that practices this sport, i got the ball end style and tried it and i could sometimes feel the end of the ball, so stem type is a huge no-no! apart from that, i never felt it. finally, removing it proved to be even a bigger challenge, but i wasn't too worried since i had already read this was probably the hardest thing to do when trying a cup for the first time, and i must admit, it was easier than i expected, meluna sports are supposed to be the hardest ones to remove...and reading so much about first time experiences i was prepared for hell! however, i believe that my first time experience was pretty 'normal' for the general standards.

right now i'm waiting to get my period and see how it goes, i'm very intrigued to find out if it will leak or not, having to wear white breeches during horse shows is my worst nightmare and the main reason i decided to try cups. i'll let you know how it goes, i'm sure i cannot be the only one out there looking for these answers! =D

New cup user with problems: irritation and spotting

Hello all,
I really, really want to love my soft Organicup B, but three cycles in, things do not seem to be working out well :( I'm 33 and sexually active, no children, with a copper IUD, which I've had for 12 years (not the same one the whole time, this is my third).

1) My cup quite often doesn't unfold on insertion, and I have to remove and re-insert it. My cervix is really low during my period, and I think it might be getting in the way. This might just take more practice, and even if it persists I could live with it, but ideas would be welcome!

2) I'm nervous about my IUD: I saw the article saying that IUD expulsion is not more likely when using a menstrual cup, but since my second cycle of using my cup, my IUD strings feel a bit longer than they were - could I have accidentally pulled it partway down?

3) On my second and current cycle, I experienced severe soreness and itchiness post-period, as well as spotting for a full week after my second period with cup. I'm now on day 8 (usually they last 6 days) of my third period using the cup and still spotting, though the soreness and itching aren't as bad as last month. I used to get frequent yeast infections when I was on the pill (that's why I switched to IUD), and I've had a couple since after courses of antibiotics, and this is definitely not yeast.

I will be going to see my doctor on Friday, but if anyone has had similar problems or has any advice to offer, I'd be really happy to hear from you! Thanks!