May 5th, 2014

How close to cervix is menstrual cup supposed to sit?

I'm new to menstrual cups, I just got my first one (Meluna Medium Classic) and waiting for my next period to properly try it out. I couldn't help myself and did a few dry runs, but the results were "inconclusive" so far. Inserting it was ok, opening was difficult (only worked with 7 fold, and I literally had to push that folded part up to open it, otherwise it'd stay in the same position. I found Meluna material not "springy" at all, it seems to hold the shape it's been folded in very well), removing was kinda ok, but I'm not sure it ever formed a seal. I'm holding my judgement on whether I got the right cup, until I get to try it for real. But since I apparently used all the wrong criteria when choosing one (only found this community after the purchase), I'm reasonably doubtful. But will find out soon.

What I'd really like to know though, is it true what I read in comments here that a menstrual cup is not supposed to form seal with the walls of the vagina (like they show on diagrams and explain in instructions), but the cervix instead? I'm really puzzled about that. For starters, based on what it feels like, my cervix could easily work its way INTO the cup, given an opportunity. Sometimes it feels flatter and wider, other times it's firmer, narrower and longer. And somehow neither the idea of the rim of the cup forming seal with my cervix inside of it or sitting right on it is appealing to me... Not to mention, the thought of the the cup creating suction directly with the cervix or having to break the seal off the cervix... I feel like I'd be more relaxed about that idea if the rim of the cup was seamless and it was VERY soft (which is not the case with the one I got, on both fronts).

Not to mention, I feel a bit cheated and misinformed. If the whole cervix touching the cup and forming a seal with it thing is true, then why the companies that make them, don't make it clear? They're producing them, for pete's sake, how come they don't know what happens when you put it in?

Cup Companies?

Hi all, so I contacted many cup companies asking for samples for review of their cups... So far a few have returned my emails. Most either are not doing review giveaways currently or want me to have more followers (understandable). Anyhow, so Yuuki cup contacted me back and is shipping me one! So excited! Also, LaLuna cup contacted me and said they would send me one if I paid postage. Waiting for them to get back to my response. Anyhow, just posting to say hey and update. Check out my blog: :)

More questions!

Okay, I took the plunge and found my cervix. I really don't know why I was so squeamish about it. Not having my period yet, but I figured I'd get a ballpark so I know where to look. Now I understand why my Pap smears have always been so uncomfortable! My cervix is pretty low, and I felt it easily with my middle finger only up to my knuckle (about 2"). And it is WAY off to the right. There is a lot of extra space off to the left, and, honestly, I really have no clue. Why don't they teach these things in school?!

So now, knowing that I have a low cervix, I can make it much more informed decision about my first cup. Although, how much will it shift during my period? It named move higher, but with my entire uterus shift to be more center? Somehow I doubt it :)

I also understand now why I can feel the gush during my. And there it is. It really doesn't have far to travel :) And why tampons were always so uncomfortable.
Now that I've stuck my fingers up there, I'm worried that things would travel past my cervix off to the left where there is so much more space. How difficult will it be to get a cup to position itself properly over my cervix? And now I'm even more interested in the femmycycle, because apparently it doesn't have to be suctioned over your cervix to work properly.

High cervix, can't get proper suction

Hello! I have just started using menstrual cups, and am now in the dreaded learning curve. I am having some problems with creating a proper seal with my lunette model 1. Insertion is getting a little easier now (I've successfully inserted the cup 2x now, out of my 3 total attempts - pretty good i think!) but I'm still getting some minor leaking. I'm 20, virgin, and a regular tampon user. Before using the cup, I've tried to locate my cervix and realized that it's pretty high up - I can't even reach it on, or off my period. As a result, in order for my cup to feel comfortable I have to insert it pretty high up, to the point where I can't reach the stem (uncut) if I don't bear down a bit. Since the cup sits so high, I feel like I can't do the "twist" to create a seal. I can't even run my finger along the sides of the cup to see if it has popped open since my pubic bone is in the way. Any tips for me? Or is this just a matter of getting used to the cup?

fyi: im using the punchdown fold.