April 27th, 2014

First time cup user!


I'm 23, sexually active, no children.
I started with the Me Luna Large Classic because I have a heavy flow, but I couldn't get it to pop open, so I tried the Me Luna Medium Classic. I Think I got it to work, but I'm not sure it popped open completely. I'm not sure I'm doing it right, the acrobatics involved with putting it in were spectacular. I have shorter than average arms, so I can't really get my fingers up there far enough to check the seal. Are there any folds that work better than others? I have tried the C fold, the push down, the 7 fold, and the squiggle. I have had varied success with the squiggle, but it is really hard to get it in without it popping open too early.
I'm determined to make this work, so if anyone has any helpful tips I'd really appreciate it.


First time, low cervix Lunette user and leaking all over!

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this community and hoping for some help!

I'm 29, have had 2 babies (so obviously non-virgin :p), and I just bought a Lunette size 2. Tried it yesterday when my period started, making sure to insert correctly and check for suction - but it has leaked and leaked and leaked...and leaked. I have put it in and out and in and out, read articles about it and tried different techniques, etc. when I take it out it will have a small amount of blood in it, but seems like most of the flow is going right past it.

I did just 'find' my cervix today though, and I think I may have discovered the problem - my cervix is VERY low, like only 1cm past the opening. I have tried adjusting the cup to this by letting it pop open right at the entrance, but it just doesn't seem to make any difference - even when the cup is so low that the bottom is practically sticking out of me!

Has anyone else experienced the same problem? Anyone with a SUPER low cervix who has managed to make the Lunette work for them? Or do I need to buy a new cup? Bummer if I do because they are expensive here in Australia - but I'll do what I need to do! I'm SO determined to make cups work for me - can't wait to be rid of tampons and pads!

Thank you ladies!