April 18th, 2014

  • skysos

that dreaded day when you have to use a disposable again...

This post doesn't really have anything to do with anything, but I thought it might get a giggle.

I've been a cup user for nearly 4 years, and I hadn't used a single disposable in all that time..until this month.  Normally I am very good about sticking my cup in my bag a few days before I'm expecting my period, but for some reason I forgot this time.  And of course I got caught at work without my cup.  Well, no worries, I work at a university and can find supplies in a bathroom vending machine, right?

Yeah here's what that looked like.

1. Machine in my building: eats my 10 cents; no product comes out.  Annoying.

2. 5 minute walk to high-traffic building - no machines in any bathrooms there.  There is a general vending machine amply stocked with advil, condoms, and mouthwash, but oddly, no feminine supplies.  (Maybe they are the most popular?)

3. Walk to another building.  First floor restroom - machine already has someone else's money stuck in the slot and clearly not dispensing product or returning coin.  Second floor restroom - machine busted open and empty.  Third floor restroom - machine locked but someone very strong had bent the bottom half of the door back really far.  I squatted down and peered up into it, and indeed, there were tampons in there!  Luckily, my fingers are long and skinny, and it took some patience but I managed to snag one.  I tried several times to stick my dime in the bowels of the machine so whoever restocks it would find it, but it kept sliding back out.  Finally I said to hell with it, I already lost a dime earlier today in one of these machines, so I'm square.   Good thing no one walked in while I had my hand up in the machine though; that would have been awkward.

Sheesh.  Seriously.  Don't forget your cups people!!

New to menstrual cups

I have been looking into different cups and am very confused to what to get I don't wanna get to short of a one and then not be able to get it out. I cant find my cervix even on my period I have heavy painful periods about 7 days long. Whats a good cup for a high cervix? Iv been looking for it all day cant seem to find anything. Any help would be great thanks

May have finally gotten the hang of these shenanigans...

My sister bought me a diva cup (size 1) a while ago, and I’ve had a few false starts with it. Last summer I wore it once for most of a day without any problems, but when I went to remove it I kind of just pulled hard, rather than breaking the suction first, and I ended up flinging the contents all over my bathroom >.< Discouraged, I put it away for a while, but I’m getting back to it now.

I realized yesterday that the punch down fold I’d been trying to use wasn’t working for me (small tip to insert, then I’d get to the corner of the triangle and it would hurt like hell), but when I tried a U fold it went much easier, as long as I could hold it closed until it was in far enough. Now that I know I can insert it without any pain, I’m excited to try it out for real this cycle. Thank you to everyone who’s posted information here, it’s been really helpful to me! I didn’t select this particular cup myself, but I think I have a pretty high cervix (I’ve never been able to reach the thing) and the diameter of this one feels ok, so I hope the diva cup will work for me.

I was wondering, how do you guys handle it when you have to empty it in public bathrooms, any tips? I have a pretty light flow, so if I really can wear the thing for 10 or 12 hours, maybe I can avoid dealing with it when I’m not at home. If it seems comfortable, is there a downside to trying to wear it that long? And one last thing, I’ve been cleaning it with my normal body wash, which is scented, because I know I don't get irritation from it (obviously I rinse the cup thoroughly.) Is this ok, or should I consider some different soap? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Tip for people with painful removal issues

I've noticed a lot of people have problems with painful removal. I had this problem too, and I think I've got it figured out now. (this is just my second day) My pain wasn't caused by suction, but by the cup rim being to big. (I have a Diva cup model 1) I thought maybe it was because the opening seems to be the least stretchy part of my vagina, and I've never had anything that big down there. I had been folding it, but that made things kinda spill. So, I decided to just go really really slow. Every time it got uncomfortable, I'd stop and wait for my muscles to relax and the discomfort to subside. Just don't freak out if it twinges. Stop pulling and leave it there for a minute. When that's comfortable, go a bit further. when you get the rim right to the opening, get one side out first, then the rest. I like to get the front out first so that anything that spilled out inside can drain into the cup for a minute.
This has made things more comfortable for me, and I can even insert with the c-fold now. Good luck!

P.S.- when I say to just stop and relax for a minute, I'm talking about minor discomfort, not major pain. If it's hurting you a lot, try to fold it up as soon as you can get at it.