April 17th, 2014

I gave up and now I'm ready to try again! Please help!

Hi everyone:

A few years ago I bought my first Diva Cup (Size 1) and it leaked constantly, even when it was not anywhere near full. It was too long and would feel like it was falling out of me anytime I sneezed. So I bought the Medium Meluna. This works perfectly on the first day of my period and then fails miserably on every other day, even the very last day when there is barely anything in the cup, it still leaks.

I gave up and I have been using tampons for years, but I'm tired of it. I am ready to try again. I am completely sure that I am correctly inserting the cups. They pop open and form a suction seal just fine. I have tried different folds to see if folds would change anything, but no. So my go-to fold is the classic C. My cervix is not peaking out of the cup either. Everything always seems to be fine down there but it still leaks! Which drives me mad! SO...again I think I should try one more cup. If this fails, I will accept that cups are not for me :(

I have no idea which cup to get next because there are so many! But I would really appreciate your advice! My cervix is low and my period is moderately heavy on the 2nd and 3rd days. I have no problem with insertion or removal, I just need a cup that fits and will form a real seal that doesn't break on its own or leak!


A little advice please

Hi, I'm new to the board as well as cups and was hoping for a little advice if you don't mind? Apologies in advance for the essay here!

I've been looking into using cups as I only have 2 days every 2 weeks without bleeding. (Yes gynae is checking this out for me.) Amounts vary so much in one day that tampon size cannot be judged and frequently end up using one that is too absorbent or having to change every hour or so. That left me with the option of liners - not the best since I'm a fitness instructor and need to be on a bike for several hours at a time, teach pilates and various other activities, I am also learning to pole dance so need to be able to move around a lot.

Since coming across this board I feel that I've finally found an answer to my problems (until we can suss out whats going wrong with my cycle). Now the question is which cup...?

I've been looking at the Meluna sport as I've found a set with a medium and large in it and it sounds good for active types, but I'm definitely open to changing this providing I can get delivery to the uk.

My major problem is size, when I go for a smear they have to use the extra small speculum and I don't know if it for width or length issues. Ie tight muscles or low cervix.

I 'think' I've found the cervix - if it feels like I've inserted my whole finger to the knuckle and just about feel the 'roof' in there in which case it'd be about 8cm up.

If that means I've not got a low cervix would they be using the extra small for the tight muscles down there and would it affect cup squishyness choice? I was going for the sport due to working pelvic floor regularly but could that mean width of the cup would need to be smaller? I'm 30, haven't been sexually active for the last 2 years due to the issues I'm having with bleeding and have had no kids.

Sooooooo many questions I know but as you can probably tell I'm a bit lost with all the options.