April 10th, 2014


I must have a ridiculously low cervix

Years ago, I used a Mooncup UK. I used it quite happily for many years, apart from that one time I accidentally yanked out my IUD with it. Then I started getting bladder problems, and then vulvodynia, and by this time I was off cups and onto pads. The pelvic problems have been getting a lot better in recent years, and there are a lot more cups available now. So I came here, asked for advice, and have ended up with a Meluna soft in both the small and the mini small versions.

I bought the small first, and found it still rather irritating, so I got the mini. For the record, this cup may be advertised as "barely larger than a thimble" but that's just a turn of phrase, in case anyone is looking at a real thimble and scowling. Though I will believe that it's the smallest cup out there. I now use the mini most of the time, and the small only for when I'm bleeding heavily. (My idea of "bleeding heavily" is probably everyone else's idea of "really light bleeding", I suspect.) I still get slight bladder irritation from time to time, but not much and not to the point of needing to go back to pads.

Both cups were rather tricky to unfold, so I bought a 2mm mini hole punch and added a couple of extra holes. That did the trick. Melunas only have two holes, and they are tiny.

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Pacifier sterilizer for cups?

We often speak of Milton tablets, designed for sterilizing bottle nipples and soothers. Has anyone used the actual soother sterilizer for their cups? Is it big enough? I thought of getting one but wasn't sure of the size.


(Actually there are several brands of a similar device on Amazon...)