April 9th, 2014

Base of cup sticking out?

Hello everyone,
I've just started my first period with the small Lunette and things are working fine (inserting, removing - everything works) but the base of the cup is sticking out slightly all the time. I can see about 1 cm of it. It doesn't hurt, I have no leaks but it isn't supposed to be that way, I think?
I think I have quite a low cervix - I can reach it - so maybe I need a shorter cup. Or am I doing something wrong? I use the C fold, it's the only one that opens. When I insert it all the way, I can't open it. It opens easily if I just push it partly in but then it seals and I can't get it any further. I tried to pull it in with my muscles but it always returns. Do you have any ideas? What should I do?
Thanks so much!

FemmyCycle and IUD

The FemmyCycle website says it's safe to use with IUDs. For removal, they just say to pull on the loop. Is this the best way to do it if I have an IUD or do I have to break suction? It doesn't have any suction holes...not sure how this works, but I don't want to mess up my IUD. I have a SUPER heavy period and tampons soak almost instantly and I go through pads like crazy. This seemed like the best cup for me and one that says it's safe for use with IUDs...Any advice or tips?

Boiling INSIDE a pouch?

For the sake of privacy, can I boil my brand new cup inside of a flannel pouch that has been machine washed and dried? I don't intend to boil it regularly, but to utilize other methods of cleaning. Just for my own mental state, I would like to boil it before my first use.

There really isn't ever a 5 minute window where I know for sure I can be alone in the kitchen. I live with my boyfriend and his mom, uncle, brother and sister in law.

Even if I wait until late at night, my boyfriend's mom will be awake and always comes out into the kitchen to chat when she hears someone. I just don't really want to have to explain it to anyone. If it looks like just the pouch I can make up something other reason for having to boil it.

I plan on using alcohol prep swabs to clean when I need to and just rinse with water during a normal change.

Cup recommendation?

Hey everyone! I'm finally starting to get the hang of insertion/removal and I'm marvelling at how comfortable my cup is once it's inserted -- I'm fully on the cup bandwagon now!

However, I'm finding my small MeLuna Mini to be too small, in terms of length and capacity, and I'm looking to buy a larger cup. I'd like it to be as soft as the soft MeLuna Mini because I have a tendency to tug the cup out without folding during removal (I can't seem to break the seal, even when I pinch the bottom?) and I imagine doing that with a stiffer cup would be more painful. And I'd like to stick with a narrower cup for the same reason.

Based on the above criteria, do you guys have any recommendations? I've looked through size charts, and I'm thinking of the medium or large MeLuna, the small Fleurcup, the small Si-Bell, the soft Yuuki, or the Natural Mamma. Does the shape of the cup affect comfort when wearing the cup and removal of the cup? E.g. is it easier to break the seal of cups with round (vs. cone-shaped) bases?