April 5th, 2014

A little odd but, have you ever, erm sneezed your cup out?

I've got a bit of a spring cold and I've been sneezing all day and just now I was laying here in bed, re-reading A Feast For Crows when I had a sneezing fit and literally sneezed my cup out. It's still partially in, but I'm pretty sure the "seal" has been broken. My cup would likely fall out when I stand up to go to the bathroom to adjust, if I wasn't wearing pants. Has anyone ever sneezed or coughed or anything and caused their cup to come out? Never had this happen before, and it's quite strange.

MeLuna cup developed slight crack/fold thing?

So I got my MeLuna cup (medium, soft, ball stem) about a month ago, and I've only really inserted it a couple of times, but when I took it out yesterday it seemed sort of misshapen. It seems to have developed a slight crack on the side, except it's not really a crack... more sort of a small, permanent fold?

Has anyone ever had anything like this happen to their cup before? Is it still okay to use? It seems pretty small, so I figure it's probably okay as long as I keep it clean enough, but do you think it will develop into an actual crack?
  • izzi24

Sckooncup insertion question from a first-timer! Help!

HI! So, got my sckooncup the other day and now I'm putting it to use for the first time today. Had no problems with the fold or insertion, but with the inward curve of the Sckoon, I can't tell at all if I've inflated it properly or if its sealed! It feels like it could possibly be a little 'smooshed' but, again, I was thinking the shape of the cup was to blame. And since the cup is so soft, I'm not even sure it "popped" when I turned it.

Any sure-fire ways to tell I've got this baby IN right? Was so stoked about my cup when it arrived in the mail, but went to double-check some tips before I started this little adventure for real and stumbled upon a horror story where the girl didn't get a 'seal' in and it crept all the way up and got stuck beyond her reach. I would SO SO SO love to avoid a trip to the ER or lady Dr myself, and I'm a little afraid to go for a run like I normally do or be very active at all until I'm certain I've done this right!

Thanks for any help you lovely ladies you can send my way! <3

P.S. My cervix is quite a bit low right now and may have a little something to do with my issues, but again, I'm new at this and have NO clue!

Leaking Still - This is getting exasperating!

Okay folks -

23 years old. Married. Never given birth.

I have:

Small Mooncup (UK) - ruled it out early on because I HATE the stem, even with it cut off all the way

Small Lunette - My favorite - this is what I use the most often

Large Fleurcup - I like it but the ridges on the bottom and the stem or more irritating then the Lunette.

I HAVE had success with my Lunette in the past just a small number of times. I am currently on my 5th cycle with the cups. The last cycle I had a couple of instances with NO leaking where I emptied the cup and it was ACTUALLY full. But these seem to be so rare! I always check to make sure it is open all the way. It seems like I just can't always get the right positioning. I've only managed to find that magic spot a couple of times. The times I did were amazing and totally sold me on the cup. But I can't seem to get it consistently! It's so exasperating because I do the same thing every time and it seems like it should work consistently.

The last time I sought advice, I was told to aim towards my belly button as I insert. That seemed to help a lot initially. However, I have continued to follow this, and now it is not always solving the issue.

Someone please tell me that over time this will get better. I really WANT to get to the point where I don't have to wear a pantyliner or anything or have ANY leaking.

Also, I know there is the slobber stuff but this isn't just slobber. I can tell the difference between when it's just slobber and when it's actual leaking.