April 4th, 2014

First time use and cervix

Hello! I've been watching this site for a bit and I bought the only cup (easily) available in Canada; the DivaCup. Model 1.
I just tried the disposable SoftCup by Instead, and it worked fine, it leaked every time I used the bathroom and I was a little afraid to sneeze but hey, still better than pads. Anyway, I'm 20, non-virgin, no kids.
In all honesty I'm pretty familiar with my set up and I'm comfortable with cups because I'm familiar with toys. BUT I haven't the foggiest idea where my cervix is. Maybe it's really high? I'm not sure, all I know is my fingers don't reach. (Maybe that's why my gyno seems so gung-ho in my Pap tests? Ugh. ).
The Diva instructions say you should just use it to basically plug the opening and to keep the stem level with the vaginal opening. But I'm thinking there's no way it will stay there. It'll go up or out basically. Hence why I'm asking about the cervix position. Do you guys mostly try to get the cup to seal around the cervix itself? That's the impression I'm under. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my post and help me out!

New to cups

This post is on behalf of a very close family member of mine.

She is 24, not a virgin, no pregnancies. She is VERY athletic.

She tried to insert a medium meluna and it would not pop open no matter what technique she tried. Also, the bottom of the cup the ring, and other ribbed stripes caused her discomfort.

Any cups we could suggest for someone like that?
help would be appreciated.

MyOwnCup from South Africa

Hello :D

So.. this pretty cuppa is made of 100% medical grade TPE, apparently, and seems to be available in 4 colours = pink, blue, green and purple (or brown?)
They also have a project for learners from school in the country, providing them cups, if possible..

Low Cervix + Heavy Flow and a question...

Hi everyone,

First off I'm young (14ish) and started using a small lunette at the end of last year, it's all been fine - emptying every 12 hours, no leaks, etc. Up until now, last cycle I started off SUPER light (spotting) and then the 2nd and 3rd day where SUPER heavy, like I couldn't go for more than nine hours, it calmed down by the 4th day. This cycle first day and I'm super heavy starting to leak after 4 hours. I know I have a super low cervix (I can feel it practically sticking out of me when sitting on the toilet) so I guess this has something to do with the changing patterns. I was thinking of getting a large lunette or a large ladycup for the heavier days and the days that I'm with the horses for 10+ hours. (I'm and avid horse rider if that changes anything)

What are you awesome peoples opinions on this? And suggestions?

Also if I do buy a bigger cup will it stretch me out and mean I'm not able to use my small lunette?

Thanks so much everyone,

Sammi xxx