April 3rd, 2014

Which menstrual cup?

Hello, I would really like your help here...
I've got quite a lot of questions, sorry...

I'm 19, a virgin, and I bought a small Lunette cup. I tried several times but I failed to get it in. It was really uncomfortable and it hurt a bit. I think it's too big for me? I'm considering buying a Meluna cup now because it's smaller but I've read all these stories about not being able to reach it and remove it. I don't know though if I can even get it in - can I be just too narrow down there? I didn't use tampons before but I thought I would be okay getting a cup in because I have no problem inserting a finger. I'm getting worried now - if I can't get my thumb and forefinger inside, how will I be able to remove the cup? Also I have no idea how far the cup would be? I heard that if I buy a meluna (small) cup with the ring grip, I can put a string through there so I'll get it out, is that right? Also should I get a soft or classical? Or maybe some other brand available in the czech republic?

Please help me with this... I'm new here so I 'm hoping I posted this right.
Thank you!

I'm in love.. With a Chinese cup.

imageHas anyone else used icare cups? I bought an icare cup but before I ever got to use it during a cycle my yuuki cups arrived. Neither cups seem to leak on me but the icare cup is longer bodied and has a better capacity. After removing the stem the cup is perfect. I can't feel it at all. The yuuki cup stem bugs me but the cup is too short to remove without it. Problem is I don't really trust the Chinese silicone icare cup.. Has anyone found something similar in size to the icare cup?
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small cups?


a little bit about me - i am 20, never had children, not a virgin, always only have a light to medium flow and i have a lunette size 2 (my first cup.)
when i first got the lunette i noticed immediately i had to trim the stem completely off. even with it off, for my first cycle with it i also had to flip it inside out because the base would sit right at my entrance.
i'm on my second cycle now and am trying it again flipped right way out and it seems okay as long as i wriggle it right up, but i'm on the lookout for another better fitting cup.

i have a few questions for anyone who might want to weigh in and help me :)
i first looked at the meluna classic medium (i think?) the 45x45 one (since thats the same diameter as the lunette) but much shorter. i'm only apprehensive because the meluna is not made of silicone and im concerned about the material and the colours having some sort of effect - does anyone have any information on this?

second question - does anyone know of any cups that have similar dimensions (45 diameter and short roughly) that are silicone? im only thinking the 45 diameter because it seems to be working, and i wonder if a skinnier one would leak or something? i have no problems with removal so im not sure if skinnier would be a problem or not. i was looking at the juju for size but again i am unsure because..

question three - what about the squishiness?? i understand the lunette is quite firm and it works nicely for me and i have had no leaks whatsoever, so i'm worried if i were to buy another one (such as the juju) how the softness would affect any leaking; i'm semi-active and spend all of my working time on my feet walking around.

so many questions! i want to invest wisely since i certainly am not rolling in cash at the moment. :)