March 30th, 2014

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First time with menstrual cup - great experience so far, but do they make your periods shorter?

Newbie here!  About me: 31, non-virgin, no pregnancies, low cervix, normal period is 7 days with heavy flow in first 2 days.

I was curious about menstrual cups, so I did a bit of online research and decided a small Sckooncup was the way to go.  I wanted something that was soft (because I think I can feel tampons enough to make me cramp), short enough for my low cervix, and available in the US with quick and easy shipping (Amazon Prime!).  I got my period a day early, just before the cup arrived in the mail, so I didn't try it out the first day.  Yesterday was the second day of my period and my first time using the cup.  Only took 2 tries to pop it open - not bad!  I guess I live on the edge, because I then wore it to the gym and proceeded to do high-intensity intervals on the treadmill, 100 sit-ups, and one-legged Romanian deadlifts as part of my usual workout.  If anything will make a menstrual cup pop out, it's that combination, but it didn't even leak!  It was about 2/3 full when I took it out to go to bed, about 8 hours after I had put it in.  I could have put it back in for sleeping, but I guess I was worried that it would leak in the horizontal position (which is silly after that workout, but whatever!).

So today I woke up, went to the bathroom, and there was not a single drop of blood on my pad or the TP.  This is highly unusual for me, since my periods are typically 7 days long (tapering off but still flowing after the first 2-3 days).  Is it possible that the suction from the menstrual cup basically cleared out my uterus and ended my period early?  And if so, consider me an official menstrual cup convert.  A week-long period is such a drag!

EDIT: I'm not using any hormonal birth control, not trying to get pregnant (condoms with the husband), and haven't changed anything else in my life that should affect my period length.

EDIT #2: So my period isn't over after 2 days like I thought.  A few hours after I posted, I started having some light brownish spotting.  Still nothing like what my period normally is.  Hope it stays like this!

Softcup (reusable for 1 cycle)

I just bought Softcup reusable (for up to 1 cycle) cups, and put it in because I'm due to start my period today. I was worried that I'd feel it, because I've never been able to figure out the tampon thing, but I don't feel anything! If anything it feels good, kinda like it's pushing on my g-spot. Has anyone else experienced this? Also, if anyone has used this brand I'd like some reviews, because this brand isn't listed on this site. :) Thanks people!
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Just ordered my first cup

I have been randomly coming here and reading up on menstrual cups for some time now (almost a year, maybe). I've been unemployed and unable to purchase the one cup I decided I really want (a MeLuna mini) but today, after reading some new posts, I couldn't wait anymore. Unfortunately for me, MeLuna can't ship to the United States right now. Since I really REALLY want a MeLuna, but I'm really REALLY impatient and excited to learn some cup basics first hand... I ended up going online and buying a cup that is much cheaper than, but similar in design to, the regular MeLunas.

It won't be here for 3-5 weeks, but I'm wondering if anyone has any tips or pointers for getting started and getting used to things. Feel free to give any advice you can think of.
Specifically I'm wondering....

If I've had issues with being able to feel tampons even when properly inserted, will it likely be the same with a cup?
How many of you have had strong vasovagal responses when inserting cups? I tried an instead softcup ONCE and it was a horrible, painful and frightening experience. I felt extreme pain and very nearly fainted immediately after insertion. Someone said I probably hit my cervix with it. Anyone have these issues with reusable cups?

One of my biggest fears, like everyone, is not being able to get a cup out once I get it in. I know it can't migrate anywhere; that there is literally nowhere for it to go. I'm more concerned that I won't be able to reach it, it will be slippery or that it will be painful. Of course the ultimate fear of having to go to a doctor to get it removed. I couldn't even imagine the embarrassment. Has anyone ever had so much trouble with removal as to actually have asked someone else for help?
What about attaching some kind of tamponesque string? Has anyone tried that? Was it successful? Comfortable?
Perhaps I should also mention that I am on NuvaRing. Sometimes the NuvaRing slides just slightly out of my vagina and I find it to be extremely irritating. I get the idea that this is how a stem will feel, but I think I'll need a stem for removal... Hmmm...

Any and all information is welcome and appreciated.
Thanks to all for this whole community. It's definitely made me feel more comfortable with the idea of cups. Everyone here seems so understanding and friendly =)

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Issues with cup on first cycle (Warning: TMI!!!!)

Hello everybody :)

I recently purchased a small Ladycup (in purple - wooo!) after hearing about menstrual cups about a month ago. I've kind of been staring at it for the past month, practicing folds and pondering over how wonderful the idea is!

I thought I wouldn't be able to try it out this cycle (school sports, didn't want to take the risk) but lo and behold, my period came early and I had today to try it out.

Insertion was alright, once I worked out that getting it in and letting go works best. The stiff rim made things a bit hard but it didnt cause too much discomfort. Once it was in it was quite comfortable, only a bit of slobber and the stem only pokes out a bit (might cut it but not sure). My cramps were also reduced a bit from when I was using tampons in the morning.

However removal was another story. On the first attempt (after having it in for about 3 hours) I panicked so I left it in a bit longer. By the second attempt (about two hours later) though I really needed to get it out before I went to bed so I had to do it. This is where the problems started.

I can bear down enough to get the base of the cup quite easily. However even when I pinched the base and attempted to slide my finger up the side, the seal wouldn't break! It still leaked eveywhere though! This made it really painful, not a suctiony feeling though but pain as if my vagina was being stretched out. Eventually I got it out by hooking my finger over the rim of the cup (with some difficulty as it's small up there!) which FINALLY broke the suction and allowed me to get it out, albeit with blood all over my hands and the toilet! It left me literally shaken up!

So in summary I was wondering if anyone has any tips for removal - staying calm etc. I'm 14 (and a virgin - not sure if hymen is whole though since I have an uvula like thing there) and while it was difficult I really want this to work. I'm going to have to use tampons tomorrow because I have school but after school on Tuesday I have some time to practice. Also, does anyone else with a small Ladycup have these problems?

Thanks guys!

P.S. I'm new to Livejournal so I don't know how to do that cut thing, sorry!